10 great experiences to try when visiting the country of the tulips

Ideas to put on your Dutch bucket list

I live in the Netherlands for almost 5 years and had the opportunity to visit and see a lot of this beautiful country. Here is my list of the best Dutch experiences I had so far (I still have some things-to-do on my bucket list and hope to tick them very soon!).

Here we go:

The best way to discover Amsterdam’s architecture is to go on an Amsterdam Canal Cruise. Yes, all the tourists will be there. Yes, you have to do the queue to wait for the next boat to come, but it’s worth it! You will be able to admire the beautiful buildings you’ve seen on the pictures and social media so many times! Buy a ticket, make the queue and have your camera ready!


Go cheese tasting in Alkmaar. Every Friday from April to September, there is a traditional cheese market held in the city center.

Alkmaar cheese market.jpg

Visit the cube houses in Rotterdam. One of the most photogenic houses in the world! Don’t miss out to visit them.Cube houses in Rotterdam.JPG

Kayak in Utrecht’s canals/ Visit Dom Toren or just have a coffee/ beer/ wine on the canals in Utrecht.

Kayaking in Utrecht.JPG

Mudwalk in Pieterburen. You would be surprised how many people have done this! Almost every Dutch person you will meet has already done that! It’s a three hours walk in the mud in the North Sea. The reward is that you can see seadogs in their habitat! One of the best experiences I had so far!

Mudwalk in Pieterburen.JPG

Take part in the Hot Balloon Fest in Barneveld! Having a hot balloon ride is a breath-taking experience, but if you participate in a Balloon festival with 35 balloons in the air at the same time, you won’t forget it!

Ballon fest Barneveld.JPG

Visit Keukenhof/ ride a bike in the tulips fields or visit the Flowers parade. The best time of the year to do this is between March and May. Put it on your bucket list and do it at least once in your lifetime.


Visit s’Hertogenbosch. Why? To see the biggest cathedral in the Netherlands, to embark on a historical canal cruise and to eat Bossche Bollen.

Historical boat trip in Den Bosch.JPG

Make a selfie in front of one of the windmills in Gorinchem. Why Gorinchem? Because it’s out of the bitten path, it’s a picturesque small town, absolutely typical Dutch and there you can see a lot of windmills without the crowds of tourists!


Celebrate King’s Day! Get dressed in orange, embark on a Boat Party and party all day long!

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