203 Challenges: buy the book, call your friends and embrace the challenges

Last summer I was looking for books to buy at the bookstore and my eyes crossed an interesting title ”203 challenges – Travel the World. Explore Your Inner Self”. I opened the book and started to turn the pages. I was intrigued straight away and in 2 minutes was seating at the coffee corner of the bookstore reading all the challenges and rushing to go from page one to the end. That’s what I am calling love at the first sight. Such a lovely book full of inspiration, ideas, challenges, fresh air, adventures, and life…Not only for people who are all the time on the road, but also for everyone who is creative enough to seek the challenge in an everyday life.

I would like to share with you my favorite challenges and convince you to get this absolutely-must-have-little-cute-book immediately.

Challenge 2: Jump into a warm, open-air mineral pool while it’s snowing

I did it in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and it was AWESOME !!! Highly recommend it! You can do it in Bulgaria, in Japan, in Austria and many many other places!

For more inspiration and places to go, check these links below:


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Challenge 17: Spend an entire day/afternoon/evening in a hammock.

To do what? – would you ask? To relax, read, listen to the music…On a warm summer evening, you can just watch the stars and make a wish!

Challenge 31: Ride your bike on the black roads, or in the mountain or visit another city/ village by bike!

Ride a bike in the city, in a park or just ride for hours and hours is just amazing.Such a freedom, fresh air in your hair, and the endless scenery in front of you!

Ride a bike.png

Challenge 40: Celebrate the summer solstice.

Get up early and celebrate the longest day of the year! Go to a famous viewpoint from which you can observe the sunrise and admire a panoramic view of the place where you are.

Summer solstice.png

Challenge 41: Spend at least one hour during the weekend in nature.

It’s so refreshing to go for a walk in the park or to go hiking. Don’t forget spending time outdoors – walking, jogging, skateboard, roller skates, plenty of things to do out there!

Challenge 43: Approach an animal in its natural habitat.

In many countries, you can go on a whale watching tour, visit elephants sanctuaries, go monkey spotting and the like…Don’t be afraid, just make that damn selfie with the cute animal buddy.

Monkey spotting.png

Challenge 62: Have a drink in an Ice Bar

I drank vodka at – 10°C in XtraCold Icebar Amsterdam What a freezing experience…

Challenge 64: Fly in a hot air balloon

Once in a lifetime experience!I did it in Barneveld in the Netherlands during a Balloon fest while more than 35 hot balloons were in the air at the same time!

Balloon fest Barneveld.png

Challenge 68: Walk on the most narrow streets in the world.

Do you know what’s the narrowest street in the world? Strada Sforii in Brașov, Romania! One more reason to visit Dracula’s homeland!

Challenge 70: Negotiate prices on a big exotic market.

It’s so much fun! You can do it in Turkey, Morocco, Thailand, Dubai..and many other beautiful places.

Challenge 121: Exchange books in a book point. Make the books you’ve already read traveling and cross other people’s free time and imagination!

For more information how and where to purchase 203 Challenges, please check: https://www.203challenges.com/tag/challenges/

For Bulgarian speaking readers: http://www.203.bg/

The cover picture is shot by the talented photographer Roman Zhuk from Dobre production.

Thanks for reading!




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