Bucket list

Bucket list

I am a big fan of all kind of Bucket lists📝, 100 things to do before I die lists, goal setting systems, books about challenges to check, Pinterest posts with ways and things to do for a happier life and so on and so on….I also have a lot of notebooks and diaries that are full of things to do, goals to achieve and pictures of places to visit before I die. All these tools motivate me and make me feel happy every time I check one of the things I have written down. However, one of the best “challenges to try” tools remains the book 203 Travel challenges by Maria Angelova and Ivalina Nenova. This is a pocket, travel size book that is the best friend if you are bored and the best travel mate if you love travelling solo. You’ll find your inspiration to go out and explore the world by just opening it on a random page.🗺🛫🚤

The second video I personally watch every single day is this short video 50 things to do before you die. Let’s explore together these 50 things to do before you die and share the experience of achieving each of them….

№ 1 Read a book every week

So … do you like reading? Do you have time to read? Do you have a special books-to-read-before-I-die list? Or you just decided to challenge yourself and try to read one book a week?📚

I read a lot and have massive lists of books to read and I am really trying to read one book every week. Not always possible, but….this is why it’s called a challenge. This week my target is to finish the Unlimited Power – The New Science of Personal Achievement by Anthony Robbins.

I started reading this book one month ago, oh yes, one month ago….This is a must-read for everyone who is interested in self-development, successful goal achieving, the power of building trustful relationships with others and empowering techniques for a better everyday life. This book contains valuable exercises and tips for a better and fulfilling self and life. So the reason I could not finish it in one month is that you have to read it very carefully, take notes and do the exercises. Otherwise, it’s not going to work….The success is not just setting goals, it is all about taking massive actions and try.

So…wish me luck and see you soon to talk about and set challenge № 2….

Me reading 203 Travel Challenges

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