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Five movies that will urge you to travel – part II

Watch these movies and pack!

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In the first part of Movies that will urge you to travel, I wrote about movies and places I already visited. In this part II, I am going to write about places that are still on my bucket list.

Eat, pray, love (2010): the journey to find yourself

Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller is one of my favourite books. I read the book twice and watched the movie several times. it’s not only about travelling and exploring the world. It’s a self-discovery. I am sure the most of you have already read the book and seen the movie, so if you haven’t been in Italy, India or Indonesia, it’s time to think about it and book your trip.

The beach (2000): Thailand and its islands

The movie is well-known and Thailand is one of the most visited countries in Asia. The little paradise where Leonardo di Caprio escapes is a place to be. Hope to visit it one day…

The movie is based on the book The Beach by Alex Garland.

Mamma Mia (2008): Abba and Greece

Greece and its heavenly beautiful islands are a top-destination for many Bulgarians (I am an exception as I’ve never been there). Many of my friends travel only to Greece because, as they say, this is the most beautiful place in the world and this is the only place on earth where they want to be…I am sure I will be in love with Greece once I visit it. After watching Mamma Mia, I immediately added Greece on my list.

Casablanca (1942): Morocco

This classic is a must-see and the country itself has a lot to offer. Morocco has been on my list for ages and I really hope that one day I am going to tick it ”done”.

Thelma & Louise (1991): USA

Who doesn’t want to go on a road trip in the USA? That’s once in a lifetime experience. A car, your hair in the air and the road from Oklahoma to Mexico. Put the belt on and go!


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The Great Masters of la Haute Couture

It’s autumn, the wheater is getting colder and colder and it’s time for movie nights. Today, I would like to offer you a selection of movies about some of the Great Masters of the Haute Couture. I am not so much into fashion, but the creative world behind the podiums has always impressed me. For me, the fashion is more than clothes – it’s about art, history, colourful vision, hard work, precision and great dedication.

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  1. Yves Saint Laurent (2014) – the first place is for the absolute genius of the fashion world. The designer which ”The Mondrian” dress represents an entire chapter in the fashion history. The creator who lives in Paris and Marrakech and recreates the colours of both cities in his collections. I highly recommend to watch the movie and if you have time and you want to know more about Yves Saint Laurent, read his autobiography written by Laurence Benaïm.
  2. The second place is for the woman who no one could resist – Gabrielle Chanel. ”Coco before Chanel 2009” traces the hardships of this strong and brilliant woman who started to wear men trousers and invented the iconic blazer named after her. Coco Chanel – an intimate life by Lisa Chaney is an absolute reading
  3. Valentino: The Last Emperor (2008) is about the great Valentino. The Italian charm of the couturier will conquer you, I am sure! Watch it out, you won’t regret it!
  4. Dior and I (2014) – this one is not about the man who created the fashion house Dior, but about the life of the Parisian fashion house after Monsieur Dior. It’s more about the contribution of Raf Simons who joined the house in 2012. This is a movie that will make you realize what a hard work, inspiration and dedication are required to create a collection.
  5. And the last one is about the extravagant German who lives in Paris and works for Maison Chanel. Lagerfeld Confidential (2007) is about the icon designer Karl Lagerfeld who opens the doors of his home, studio and talks openly about his life, his family, his work and his beliefs. A sincere movie about a great man.

I hope you’ll enjoy watching these movies! Share if you care!

Thanks for reading!


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Movies about beautiful, strong and inspiring women

There are loads of brilliant movies about inspiring and strong women. However, I would like to share with you, dear reader, five of the best movies with main female characters that marked me profoundly and showed me how strong women around the globe can be.

Ma ma with Penélope Cruz. It’s about a Spanish woman, a teacher, who fights breast cancer, deals with the infidelity of her husband, finds love for the second time at an unexpected place, and dreams to be able to give birth to a girl before passing away. The biggest gift she leaves to his second husband (who lost his unique girl in a car accident), to his gynaecologist (who was hoping to adopt a girl with his ex-wife and name it Natasha, but at the end, her wife decided to leave him and not have children) and to her own son as a reminder of herself is a baby girl called Natasha. When someone dies, a new life is born. It’s a heavy movie, but unforgettable!

The next one is dedicated to a seductive, irresistibly beautiful woman who conquers men’s world with her dances. The 2016 production of Mata Hara is a must-see. The story of this dancer, lover and spy continues to intrigue us nowadays. But before the fame, she had to endure the misbehaviour of her husband who takes their daughter from her, she needed to work for a living and find a way to earn more money without selling her soul. Mata Hari is probably one of the most influential and legendary women of all times.

The third one tells the incredible story of Waris Dirie – Somalian circumcised at 3, sold in marriage at 13 girl who becomes an American model. Desert Flower is a real story of a woman who becomes famous and uses her fame as a weapon to speak up and fight against female genital mutilation, a terrible tradition in her homeland. A Beautiful movie based on a true-life story.

This list won’t be complete without Frida Khalo. The genius of this charismatic Mexican artist is recognized worldwide. But behind the bohemian artistic lifestyle is the echo of a suffering body that paralyzes her at the end of her life. Beautiful Frida, your flowers in the hair, your temperament and the cultural heritage you left inspired and will continue to inspire generations of female artists around the globe.

Not only all the inspiring movie characters I am writing about are from different backgrounds, but it looks like they are from different countries. It’s time to write about a rebellious woman from Iran who chooses to stay true to herself and to her principles, no matter the political changes in the country. In her black-and-white Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi shows through her own autobiography how difficult is to comply with rules you don’t believe in and constantly strive to freedom. Marjane Satrapi is the co-director and the main character of Persepolis.

To go further, you can also check out the books based on the real stories of the women I mentioned in my review.

Femme Fatale: Love, Lies, and the Unknown Life of Mata Hari by Pat Shipman

Desert Flower by Waris Dirie

Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo by Hayden Herrera

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

Thanks for reading!