Challenge №6 Learn how to cook

Are you ready for a culinary adventure?


Do you remember the 50 things to do before you die? If not, I am going to remind you that we still have 44 to go…No worries, you have a lifetime to thick them all.

I am skipping challenge №5 Learn to drive, as I did not yet accomplish it…It’s a real challenge for me, but I am not giving up…

Today, I am going to write about challenges №6 Learn how to cook. I always thought that everybody can cook, but actually many many people could not. It’s not a big deal if you can afford to eat in a restaurant every day, but it can be very very handy in case you want to save money or want to eat tasty and healthy.

I learned how to cook properly when I moved to the Netherlands. I was looking for a job and at this time was very fond of all cooking shows especially Jamie Oliver and Annabel Langbein. This is how I embarked on my cooking experience and created my own weekly easy menus – which take me only 30 min./per day. I experimented with different dishes and different cuisines and discovered that cooking is super fun and a perfect way to improve your creativity. Also, you can not rely on takeouts and eat in bars and restaurants in the Netherlands as it is quite expensive. And the best of it is to invite all your friends to a dinner and make your signature dish…Yummy

Cooking is a survival skill that can be useful in our hectic life of stress, plastic bags and pre-fabricated food. So, learn how to cook and enjoy the taste of life.

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