Crazy challenges for wild-spirited travellers

Do you enjoy travelling? You check all the must-to-do things before packing? I am challenging you to go wild and re-think adventuring with the 10-crazy-travel-challenges you absolutely should tick off? Can’t wait to hear from you….

1. Go on vacation to a new city with your boyfriend/girlfriend, walk separate ways and try to find each other by the end of the evening (without using your phone!).

2. Organize a surprise trip for a loved one. The only information you need to provide them is the date and time, where to meet and what to bring (200 g of blackberries and a screwdriver, for example).

3. Show up at the airport with hand luggage only. Buy a cheap ticket for a flight leaving in the next few hours and spend the weekend there.

4. Visit all the cities and villages whose names start with the initial of your first name. You can limit yourself to just one county/state or dream big and challenge yourself to a whole country!

5. Build yourself a raft and sail as far as possible on it.

6. Think of a place that you would never go. Like, never ever. Now go there.

7. Walk around the city until you find a particularly beautiful or somewhat strange house. Jot down its address and send the owners a kind postcard.

8. Pretend to be a tourist in your own city. Speak to people only in a foreign language. Even if you meet friends, don’t break the game.

9. If a friend can’t join you on a trip, print his/her head in real size, add a tiny body below and shoot a photo story of this friend ‘traveling’ with you.

10. Organize a completely free trip. The longer, the better.


This is a guest post written by Maria Angelova from 

Maria is a 20-something travelling disaster roaming the world. She’s crazy about Mirtoo from Sardinia, speaking in foreign languages (even if she can’t, actually most if she can’t!) and studying fortune-telling. She is one of the founders of and, god forbid, its editor-in-chief.

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