Dutch weekend destination: Amersfoort, Gorinchem or s’Hertogenbosch

Three Dutch cities worth to be visited other than Amsterdam

You’ve already been to Amsterdam and are wondering what else you can do in the Netherlands apart from Zaanse Schans and Volendam? I suggest to get out of the crowd and check the connections to Amersfoort, Gorinchem or s’Hertogenbosch. You would ask why? Here is the answer.

Amersfoort is easily reachable by train from Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague. You can make a day trip there and discover more about Dutch history and culture. Amersfoort looks like a fairy tale magical place with its Fort Walls surrounding the city heart. The first stop is the Medieval gate Koppelpoort and the Kei (or the Port). The Culture House Eemhuis and Kunsthal KAdE – a modern art exhibition hall are also located there, so if you are a culture addict, check them out. From the gate, you enter the city, which follows a little street in the shape of a spiral. You can just walk around and reach the main shopping streets – Langegracht or Kortechracht, both are close to each other and end up in the Hof and Sint-Joriskerk – the city cathedral. This is the perfect spot for a coffee or a lunch break on a sunny day. Amersfoort is the birthplace of the painter Piet Mondrian and when you hang out in the center, you can visit Piet Mondriaan house located at

Gorinchem is a Dutch city in the middle of the country, 70 kilometers south of Amsterdam. It is not “around the corner”, but you can take a train to Utrecht and then take a bus to Gorinchem. Gorinchem is a must-see for everyone who is obsessed with the perfect travel photos. All the Dutch symbols are there – windmills, little streets, canals, even a Castle on the other side of the river. I highly recommend visiting this place as it’s really out of the beaten path and you will enjoy the Dutch atmosphere there. Everything is in the city center – the Central Station, the windmills, the central square, the park and the river. I am sure you’ll have also time to take a water taxi and visit Slot Loevestein – one of the biggest medieval castles in the Netherlands. It’s the perfect place to immerse in the Dutch culture and history.

s’Hertogenbosch is quite a famous Dutch city. The city is located in the heart of the country and surely has a lot to offer in terms of sights to visit. A part of the festive atmosphere in the city center with all the bars, there are two great highlights that you should not miss out. The first is the historical boat trip on the canals. There are canals everywhere in the Netherlands, but the canals in Den Bosch (as locals are calling s’Hertogenbosch) are very narrow and are wide enough for only one boat to pass. All the canals are well-preserved and it’s a real adventure to do the boat trip there. The second spot is the St. John’s Cathedral. This is the biggest cathedral in the Netherlands and the most famous one. It has a very rich interior and a huge organ. The cathedral is considered as a National monument and receives financial support from the government.

Hope you are convinced enough to explore the Netherlands out of Amsterdam. I will continue to update you with tips to do and to absolutely not miss out on this beautiful country! Stay curious and thanks for reading!