First six months of 2019 – what’s new in my life?

Year 2019 is a period of big changes and a new beginning for me. I moved back to Bulgaria, opened a new page in my life, started a new job in a completely different field and met new people.

At the end of 2018 me and my husband, we decided to move back to Bulgaria. We had to sell a big part of our belongings, leave our jobs, pack our stuff and start a new life basically from scratch. The hardest part for me was leaving my job and all the people I’ve met there. My last days at work were very emotional and full of unforgettable moments. I did not only spend time with my friends but also had a last walk in Amsterdam and revisited my favourite places there. I spent some time in Utrecht as well and checked for the last time my favourite spots. We headed to Bulgaria on 25 of January and crossed Europe by car. We made a little European road trip and stopped in Nurnberg, Vienna, Budapest and Castelul de Lut in Valea Zanelor. For more information, check out my review here: ”European road trip – Nurnberg, Vienna, Budapest, Castelul de Lut in Valea Zanelor”

Utrecht in winter

On the 1st of February, we arrived in Bulgaria. We spent some time with our family and went on a winter holiday to Bansko. We always wanted to go to winter vacation and finally, we made it. We visited Bansko, soaked in a hot mineral spring in Banya village and had an epic ride in the Rhodopes Narrow Gauge. If you plan to visit Bulgaria in the winter season, check out my top activities here: ”Soak in a hot spring, eat the biggest ”mekitza” in the world and had a ride in the Rhodope Narrow Gauge – Winter Fairy Tale in Bansko region”

Bansko ski resort

One of my resolutions for 2019 was to improve my blog and that why I decided to read the book “On Writing Well – The Classic Guide to Writing”  by William Zinsser. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in writing well and simply for business, for pleasure, or just for blogging.

In March it was time to celebrate Baba Marta. Baba Marta is my favourite Bulgarian tradition and this year I was more than happy to offer Martenitzi to my family and friends in person. To learn more about Baba Marta check out ”Happy Baba Marta Day! Честита Баба Марта!”

Baba Marta

I ticked one more point of my Bucket list and visited the Kukeri festival Kukerlandia in Yambol in March. It’s one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to. If you are interested in chasing the evil and hang out with Kukeri, check out my review here: ”Kukerlandia 2019, Salt Museum in Pomorie and Aquae Calidae”

Kukerlandia Yambol

I also became a member of Astom – Bulgarian Association or travel bloggers and participated in the first bloggers’ meet up in Varna. I met bloggers that I admire, learnt a lot from them and became a part of a great network.

I am very passionate about Bulgarian embroidery and in March I also participated in an Embroidery workshop. I made earrings for myself that I am very proud of!!!

Bulgarian embroidery

At the end of March, it was time for one of my best trips ever – I finally visited Jordan and Israel.

My Jordan trip was just perfect – I saw one of the wonders of the world – the ancient city of Petra, I soaked in the Dead Sea, I was baptised in the Jordan river, I visited all the Saint places in Israel and met amazing people on my way. I did not plan this trip, I booked it very spontaneously, I had no expectations and it turned out to be just fantastic!

Dead sea

One week later after my Jordan trip, I ticked one more point in my bucket list and went on a yoga retreat in the Rhodopes mountains. It was a wonderful trip! We did yoga, meditation, visited some natural wonders as the Yagodina cave and Eagle’s eye and were enchanted by the mystical scenery surrounding us.

Yoga retreat in the Rhodopes mountains

Every year I can’t wait for the Easter Holidays to come. This is my second favourite tradition. This year I celebrated the Orthodox Easter at home. I went on a concert, did some shopping with my mom, participated in eggs colouring and kozunak cooking. The weather was warm and nice and I had such a great time in Silistra!!!!

Orthodox Easter in Silistra

May is the best time of the year in Bulgaria and it’s the best season to explore Bulgaria. We went back to my husband’s childhood and visited the region where he grew up. We stayed at relatives’ of ours in a village near Sofia and enjoyed a weekend of a digital detox and a lot of games played with their kids. If you are wondering where to go and what to do around Sofia, check out my ”Do you remember your childhood?” article.

Play like a kid

In May, I went on my first press trip with the bloggers’ community. We visited Koprivshtitza – the place – symbol of Bulgarian liberation and renaissance. It was amazing meeting new people and spending some time with my favourite bloggers.


In May, I found a new job. I can say that it’s a new professional beginning for me as I started to work in a completely new field. I have a lot to learn, but can’t wait to embrace the challenge.

The summer has come and in June I went on a three-week business trip to Krakow, Poland. Poland was not on my list, but it was an amazing experience. I visited Kopalnia Soli Wieliczka (Salt Mine), Visit Auschwitz – Birkenau ,Gdansk and Gdynia, and enjoyed all the pleasures Krakow has to offer to its visitors. More ideas on how to had a great time in Krakow, check here: ”Krakow for pleasure seekers – legends of a dragon, mouth-melting ice cream and romantic music”

Auschwitz – Birkenau

Something very special happened to me in June – one of my photographs participated in an exhibition in Sofia. I am so happy and proud of myself and motivated to go to the next level and buy a professional camera.

Lavender fields

The summer is the best season in Bulgaria and I am planning to enjoy it at the fullest! Stay tuned and follow my blog!

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