Funny readings

”Oranges. One girl’s honest story about how to grow up” (Апельсинки. Честная история одного взросления) by Olga Savelieva and ”The last plumber” (Последний сантехник) by Slava Se

Reading is vital for me. I read while commuting to and from work, in the evenings and whenever and wherever I can. But sometimes I want to read something fun, just for fun, to laugh and have fun. This weekend I was reading two books (in Russian, not sure if they have been translated into other languages), both with funny titles, both with funny book covers looking more like children books rather than books for adults.

Oranges. One girl’s honest story about how to grow up is about Olga (the writer herself) and her relationship with her mother. Olga uses funny words to talk about serious things. She is from Russia and talks honestly without hiding any painful detail of her childhood and her complex relationship with her family. Behind hilarious everyday accidents and episodes, she shares intimate details of her hurt thoughts and feelings. The book sounds funny, but actually, it’s a serious reflection of human relationships and the importance of a stable family. Olga Sevelieva is a blogger and the book sounds like series of blog publications, not like a coherent book composed of chapters, but it’s worth of reading.

”The Last Plumber” by Slava Se is a compilation of short stories where the author talks about funny stuff with pompous words. Some funny details come from Latvia and have a Latvian cultural touch and a hidden connotation, but this book is brilliant for a quiet Saturday evening full of laughter and the funny stories of Lialia, Masha, and Melhisedek.

Have fun and thanks for reading!



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