In search of exquisite taste – Afghan cuisine

Have you ever heard of Afghan cuisine? Do you know what is pilaw or mantu?

Eating at a Chinese or Indian restaurant is no longer considered as being exotic as it’s affordable and you can easily find Chinese or Indian food wherever you go. But trying afghan cuisine without going to Afghanistan is something different!

That’s why I did not hesitate to make a reservation at Mantoe when I was recommended the place.

Mantoe – afghan restaurant. A tiny place, with a cozy atmosphere, beautiful pictures of Afghanistan are covering the walls. The menu – extremely basic and easy to understand. Only two main dishes are proposed – palaw and mantu… The rest – variations of mantu and palaw…But the presentation and the combination of flavors …. were surprisingly mouthwatering!

What to try there:

As an appetizer: mantu – dumplings filled with ground beef, steamed and topped with a tomato-based sauce, yogurt, dried coriander, and mint.


Main dish: palaw – white Iranian rice with raisin and Safran, served on separate plates with a spinach pesto with yogurt, baked pumpkin, green beans topped with tomato-based sauce and beef.


Carrot and pistachios fudge: I did not expect such a light and tasteful desert. Difficult to say how such a heavenly delicious cake can be baked. You have to try it yourself!

Carrot and pistachios fudge



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