Little rituals for a gezellig (cosy in Dutch) life

Happiness is really in the little pleasures of life. And everyone has his/ her own little rituals that make one feels happy and fulfilled. Going to the gym, reading or just spending time with friends or beloved ones have a huge impact on our well being. Today I am going to share with you my tips for a happier everyday life.

1.Coffee in the garden: that’s my favourite morning ritual. I am an early bird even on the weekends and no matter the weather, I have my cup of coffee in the backyard. OK, if the Dutch weather really sucks, I just open the door to the backyard and breathe the morning freshness before embracing the new day.

It's coffee time

2.My bowl of fruit: I eat only fruit for breakfast, this is a part of my diet. My bowl of fruit is the “energy pill” I take on a regular basis. Of course, I break the rule when I am on vacation, but seriously, who would resist a French croissant?

3.Books, Books, Books: commuting to and from work by public transport is a great opportunity to read more. And is a way to switch from work mood to home mode.

4.Planning trips: that’s a very exciting thing for anyone. No matter if I plan a vacation or just a day trip, it makes me feel so good, so I really look at every opportunity to do it.

Weekend adventure

5.Having a detox bath: this is my Friday evening ritual. My alone time to relax, detox and make weekend plans…

6.It’s time to walk: walking is the best therapy to clean up your head after a long working day. I walk as much as I can. My regular walking time is after dinner. The stunning Maximapark is just around the corner and the little farm there brings the good mood in my life immediately.

Walking in the park

7.Organizing and sharing of get-togethers: I not only like travelling, but also visiting museums, going to different kind of festivals or just organizing get-togethers with my friends. Share a meal or a new experience with someone is way more fulfilling rather than do things on your own.

8.Cooking: this is a way of living for me. I like cooking and I am definitely not a fan of pre-prepared food and snacks. It’s true that it takes more time, but it’s a matter of choice.  Good food, good life for you and your family.

9.Flowers: having fresh flowers at home creates a totally different atmosphere. Don’t just buy flowers on occasions or wait for your birthday to get some. Treat yourself with a lovely bouquet on a regular basis.


10.Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate with a pinch of salt? One little block of chocolate from time to time evaporates any desire for a sugary piece of cake! And it’s a healthier version of pastry! Just try out Excellence Sea Salt by Lindt!

11.Saturday market: I am talking about a regular fruit/ vegetables/ fish and cheese market that takes place every Saturday in the city centre of Utrecht! I really enjoy choosing fresh products and taste the local delights! It’s a totally different experience from just going to the supermarket!

Fresh Saturday Market

12.Massage or spa: I go to a massage treatment every month. It helps me combat stress and back pains. Spa with a friend is my favourite way to relax, but unfortunately not always possible.

13.Movie marathons: This is a must-do on the weekends during the cold seasons. Watching an entire season of House of Cards during the winter time or Mata Hari at one go is such a delight! Can’t wait for the winter!

14.Biking: this is a part of Dutch and Scandinavian lifestyle! The best way to do the groceries, to go to work, to go wherever you want to! I cannot live without my bicycle! When I am bored, I just take it and go!

Ride your bike

15.Keeping up-to-date my blog: this is a new totally new to me. I just started my blog and still have a lot to learn and do. I was thinking about creating my own blog for ages and now it’s a reality. I still have a lot to learn, but this is the real charm of starting a new project, isn’t it? If you really want to start a new project or try something new, read the quote below and make the first step!

Create your blog.jpg

“Start now. Start where you are. Start with fear. Start with pain. Start with doubt. Start with hands shaking. Start with the voice trembling but start. Start and don’t stop. Start where you are, with what you have. Just… start.” –
Ijeoma Umebinyuo


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