Movies that will urge you to travel

Are you wondering what to do on a Sunday afternoon? Check my adventurous movie selection and get inspired to head to your next destination!

1. Paris je t’aimeThere are loads of movies about Paris….but this one tells the stories of people living in different Parisian arrondissements. My favorite excerpt is “Bastille” and the quote of the main male character that will always resonate in my mind:A force de se comporter come un homme amoureux, il devint de nouveau un homme amoureux”-  By acting like a man in love, he became a man in love again”.

2. A good year. Dreaming of Provence and the sunny vineyards ? Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard will make you want to pack and enjoy la dolce vita in South of France.

3. Under the Tuscan sky. This romantic movie pushed me to choose Tuscany over Rome. I hope to visit Rome one day as well. But adored Florence, savored chianti and enjoyed the postcard panoramic views of the Tuscan region.

4. Wild. Wild is a movie about a new beginning and a solo hiking through the Pacific Crest Trail. I’ve been in Canada only once, but confirm that the landscapes are supernatural. The movie (as well as the book) will leave you speechless.

5. The world is big and salvation lurks around the corner. This is a Bulgarian movie with brilliant characters and absolutely unexpected scenario. It’s a tandem cycling a grandfather and his grandson undertake from Germany to Bulgaria through the countries in between. Full realism, humor, and crazy adventures.

6. 101 Reykjavik. That was the first Icelandic movie (excluding documentaries about Iceland) I’ve ever watched. Iceland is a very popular destination nowadays and a lot of movies have been filmed there. Game of Thrones is one of the most famous ones, so check out the Game of Thrones location tour if you are a fan.

7. The Spanish apartment. Beautiful Barcelona, the city of Gaudi, beaches and endless parties. The movie is absolutely hilarious! The fun is guaranteed!

8. The girl with a pearl earring. If you are interested in art and Dutch painters, you’ve definitely heard of Vermeer’s masterpiece “The girl with a pearl earring”. The movie based on the story takes place in Delft, the Netherlands. Delft is a splendid Dutch city which you absolutely must visit at least once!

9. Moscow does not believe in tears (Москва слезам не верит). A movie from the social era filmed in Moscow. It’s an old classic and of course, a lot has changed in Russia since, but it will give you an insight of the Soviet lifestyle back in the days.

10. Ever heard of Dracula and Transilvania? A lot of cartoons on the legendary place and character were created. Never thought to visit the country? Give it a try. The Carpathian mountain is just breathtaking. Watch “Stars never leave their orbits” Bezymyannaya Zvezda (Безымянная звезда) it’s very old school Russian movie, but the story takes place in Sinaia – one of the biggest Romanian ski resorts. Even in the summer, you won’t get bored there…


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