My necklace collection – part II

As you can read in my blog, I LOVE ACCESSORIES! I think they can transform any boring outfit into something like ”Ouau” reaction around you. In the first part of My necklace collection, I showed you my favorite necklaces that I wear very often and that attire all the regards around. In the second part of My necklace collection, I would like to highlight the different materials used in the accessories craftsmanship.

I will start with wood and wooden necklaces. Wood is considered being a noble material and is often associated with warmth and coziness. These both necklaces make an integral part of my ”autumn/ winter” collection and go well with warm jumpers and cardigans.

Wooden necklaces

The leather is also a material I adore. I like very much leather jackets, skirts, bags and purses, and accessories. The leather flowers on the picture are handmade and are very original according to me. I wear the brown one in the winter and the rose one in the summer.

Leather flowers

Big plastic pieces of jewelry have become a trend for the few past fashion seasons. I am not a big fan of plastic jewelry, but these colorful flowers and ”papillon” call for summer, hot drinks, and bars. Really chic and fashionable doesn’t matter the outfit.

Plastic jewelry

This combination of a silk scarf and huge fake blue pearls is one of my favorites. It’s a present from my mother and looks very elegant on every unicolor dress or sweater.

Silk scarf necklace

In the end, I would like to present to you these beautiful minimalistic pearl earrings and ring. They are designed by a very famous Bulgarian artist and are unique. A part that I am a big fan of the minimalistic design, clothes, brands, and jewelry. I do also have a very small silver globe and a silver book.

Minimalistic pearl earrings and ring

Hope you enjoyed the second part of my necklace collection and got some inspiration to refresh your own wardrobe.

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