My necklace collection

I am not a fashion victim and I don’t follow the trends but the accessories, especially the necklaces, are my secret weapon to embellish every boring outfit. I am fond of the Scandinavian style – white shirts and T-shirts, black turtlenecks, unicolor outfits, and my ”signature spice” that I add to this ”basic color dish” are the necklaces. When I am traveling I enjoy checking small design shops and local handmade markets and buy unique necklaces to bring as a souvenir from my trip.

My top favorite necklace for the summer is this yellow crocus that I wear with white shirts and this awesome marine dress that I wear on the picture. I have the same necklace in red and it’s as beautiful as the yellow one. Both are handmade by Nadya from Nadya’s knit.

The second place is for this cute succulent that goes amazingly with white shirts (again!) and is an absolute must-have for every plant lover. This pendant is also handmade by 3va’s Handmade

The third place is for an absolute classic – their Majesty The Pearls. Real or fake they will be always à la mode. I put a pearl necklace when I am busy and don’t have the time to take care of my outfit and that saves my mood! White, rose or black the pearls are my favorites of all times!

Bohemian glass necklace or well-known as Czech glass necklace is a bijou that I got from my mother. I refurbished it a little bit, but as it has a sentimental value for me I wear it on special occasions. When traveling to the Czech Republic, don’t forget to bring back home something made of glass! 

These two below are elaborated by myself. The pendant is a traditional handmade Bulgarian embroidery martenitza (traditional Bulgarian ornament exchanged as a present on first of March every year) that I bought and transformed into a necklace. It’s been a while that I was looking for something similar and finally I found what I was looking for. If you are interested in handmade Bulgarian embroidery (shevitza) accessories, check out Kitna accessories.

That was my first fashion article and hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading!

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