Nestled in the Pirin mountain – a city walk in Blagoevgrad

Blagoevgrad reminds me of my last trip in Bulgaria before starting my new life in the Netherlands. With a French friend of mine, we visited the Rila Monastery, hiked the 7 Rila Lakes, made a stop in Melnik for some more hike and wine and ended our trip in Blagoevgrad where she lived back at this time. That’s why Blagoevgrad has a special place in my heart.

The best of the city is the scenery to the endless Pirin Mountain and the beauty your eyes can embrace. The feeling being in touch with the mountain and having it at your hand is very special, so even you if you don’t go for a hike, the view won’t disappoint you.

Blagoevgrad is not a big city – it’s relatively small, but it has a university, a drama theatre and an old part – called ”Varosha” Quarter.

Varosha at a glance

I would recommend you to visit Varosha first thing. It’s the old part of the city with typical houses build up in Macedonian style due to its closeness of this region. If you are passionate about architecture, you will discover beautiful hidden gems out in Varosha. You can even enter some of the buildings, they are open to visitors.


Virgin Mary Church

Virgin Mary Church located in the heart of Varosha is mind-blowing with all the frescos you can see on the outside at its entrance. There is a clock tower in the yard surrounding the church used to indicate the time of the day for the merchants who worked in the shops in the past.

You can also buy handmade souvenirs from authentic shops in Varosha Quarter.

Virgin Mary Church

City walk

After Varosha, we headed to the city centre for a walk. As it was raining and the weather was not good, we just stopped by a special bakery where we got some homemade and handmade dough specialities. Yummy!

If you visit Blagoevgrad in June, you should not miss out Francofolies festival. If you are interested in Festivals in Bulgaria, check out my review: The ultimate guide to Festivals in Bulgaria

Blagoevgrad city centre

Our city walk finished with a great colourful shot in the main square.

Are you convinced Blagoevgrad is a great spot to add to your list?

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  1. I am a Canary Islander – a bit Scottish too- residing in Sofia and I recently visited Blagoevgrad. What I really liked is the friendliness of the locals. The pace of life is much slower than in Sofia and people took the time to help me out with directions and giving me tips/advice on where to go.

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