Travel with no luggage or almost – five things I always take with me on the road

Travelling is vital to me. I love discovering places and things I haven’t seen before. I usually travel low cost and light and bring with me the minimum needed. To make my trip more comfortable and cosy I take these five things with me wherever I go.

Here is my list of absolutely not to forget before going on the next trip.

A big scarf that serves me as a banket. I often travel by night and with this giant scarf, I am never cold and I ”re-create” the cosiness of my own home and bed”. This scarf is my TravelMate and I don’t travel without it no matter the season. Lay-overs happen to be at night sometimes…

Giant blanket

Sleeping eye patch: I wondered for a long time why people get these eye patches until I got one. It’s an amazing thing and It helps a great deal to sleep in public transport, at the airports and during long-distance night driving.

Eye patches

Waterproof jacket: I lived in the Netherlands for a while and one absolutely must have is a waterproof jacket as it rains often. But then I started to travel with as it keeps me warm and protects me against the rain. Now, I take it everywhere with me and I love the colour!

Yellow waterproof jacket

I love walking and discovering places by walking. That why I always wear comfortable sneakers. I do have many pairs of different colours and styles, so I can easily combine them. Having a pair of comfortable shoes while travelling is priceless. And I cannot stop buying sneakers…What can I do???

Comfortable shoes

And the last thing I always take with me is a book. I spent endless hours in trains and airports and a good book always keeps me great company! As I come from Bulgaria and not in many counties people read Cyrillic, sometimes I leave a book in a random place as a trace of my presence there.

Books about travelling

On the road, my friend, the only thing you need is your eyes!

Keep exploring and thanks for reading!

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