Would you like a dessert? – what to order in Bulgaria

I am sure that while traveling you try to eat local like me and you allow yourself a delicious and calloricious dessert when visiting the local restaurants and cafes. That why I would like to give you some ideas on what to order for dessert when you are in Bulgaria.

The first place is for my favorite dessert of all times: biscuits cake. This is one of the simplest cakes ever because you need only biscuits and farina. You can order biscuits cake wherever you go, all sort of variations offered. Sometimes it’s made with yogurt creme or with chocolate creme. Sometimes it’s powdered with chocolate sprinkles. Give it a try, it goes very well with a cup of coffee. Yummy!

Biscuits cake

The second place is for a dessert well-known to anyone who grew up during the communist regime – milk with rice and cinnamon. This one is a traditional classic that you absolutely have to try if you never did it before. However, almost the same dessert exists in Thailand. The Thailandaise variation is called “sticky rice” and contains coconut milk and mango. Give it try no matter which country you visit – Bulgaria or Thailand!

Rice with milk and cinnamonn

My next recommendation is for “Tikvenik” (pumpkin cake). Bulgarians eat pumpkin a lot, especially for dessert. In the autumn, you can order baked pumpkin with sugar and walnuts as well as ”Tikvenik” – filo pastry filled with a feeling made of grated pumpkin, sugar, and walnuts. Super delicious. Don’t miss it out!


Crème caramel (very similar to crème brûlée), can be ordered in every restaurant, bistro or cafe in Bulgaria as is a favorite dessert for Bulgarian people. It’s made of eggs, milk, and sugar. Bon appetit!

Crème caramel

However, the most important thing before leaving Bulgaria is to eat yogurt with honey and walnuts! This is a top Bulgarian dessert, very light and easy to prepare!

Hope you are convinced to visit Bulgaria next?

Thanks for reading!


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