Thrilling adventures with Rafting Centre Drina-Tara in Bosnia

Every year I go on an adventure and try something new. For two consecutive years, I went on a rafting in Bulgaria and heard by coincidence that the best rafting on the Balkans is the one on Tara River. Meanwhile, a colleague of mine spent the Easter Holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina and she recommended to try Rafting on Tara River. In addition, she also suggested checking out in order to book the all-inclusive package for the entire rafting adventure. This beeing said, everything was booked for me and in May 2024, I headed to Sofia to embark on a thrilling Rafting experience, Via Ferrata and a lot of fun in Rafting Centre Drina-Tara in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

So, let’s hit the road!

How to organize a thrilling Rafting experience, Via Ferrata and a lot of fun in Rafting Centre Drina-Tara in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

You are wondering how to organize such an epic trip?

No worries, just contact and they will take care of everything. They offer 4-day packages that include transportation by bus or you can choose to travel by your own car, accommodation in different kinds of bungalows with a bathroom or with a shared bathroom, all the meals – breakfast, lunch, dinners excluding drinks, all the equipment needed for the rafting and the rafting itself!

What to expect from Rafting Centre Drina-Tara?

This is the first camping opened on the mind-blowing Drina-Tara rivers and has a massive capacity to accommodate 450 people. There are basic, but very cosy wooden bongalows with a bathroom or without a bathroom for 2, 3, 4 or 5 people. In addition to that, there is a male and female shared bathroom that you can also use.

Besides, there is a restaurant for all the meals in the middle of the campsite. Not to mention that you will discover a great bar with a mesmerizing view of Tara River at the back of the restaurant where you can chill and have a drink. For all the sports lovers, there is a basketball and football playgrounds to spend your afternoon after the rafting activity. When it comes to the equipment for the rafting, the camping has everything you would need – equipment, helmets and the like.

What about evening entertainment you would ask? – Well, if you have ever wondered what it means “party like a Bosnian”, you will have the opportunity to see how Bosnians party, dance and sing during the Friday and Saturday live band soirees. They are not to miss out for sure!

What to expect in terms of adventures?

25-kilometre rafting on Tara River

25-kilometre rafting on Tara River with a lot of adrenaline. You will be transferred by a jeep to the highest point of the river where the real adventure will begin. From there you will embark on a thrilling 25-kilometre rafting experience. After a solid dose of adrenaline, you will arrive by boat in the Rafting Centre and you will leave all the equipment and the boat at the campsite.

Rafting on Tara River

Via Ferrata

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those who love heights and speed. The adventure is planned for the second day of the package and you will go there by jeep. What do you need to know? – The cost of Via Ferrata is not included in the Rafting package, so you can pay it if you want to do it. The cost as of 2024 is 35 euros per person. I did not try it, but I have to say that it is scary and exciting at the same time. If you are an enthusiast of such experiences, do not miss out. The Via Ferrata ends by a Zip Line that is 400 meters long and 800 meters high.

What else to do in Raftig Centre Drina-Tara?

Basketball, Football, Chill in the bar, go on another Zip Line near the camping, go for a walk, go on an ATV ride or just eat and drink like a Bosnian!

What else to know about the Rafting Centre Drina Tara?

The food is homemade and it is delicious, however, Bosnian people are meat lovers, so the vegan/ vegetarian options are not so many on the menu.

The journey from Sofia to Rafting Centre Drina-Tara is 560km., you will cross 2 borders, so be patient!

The first long stop is at Drvengrad of Emir Kusturica, so you will have the bonus to visit it on your way to the campsite.

Accommodation, meals, rafting equipment, transfer to and from rafting, to and from the Via Ferrata point are included in the Rafting package, so you won’t need a lot of personal cash.

To conclude, all you need to be happy in life is to go at least once on a Thrilling adventures with Rafting Centre Drina-Tara in Bosnia!

Thanks for reading!