Wanna explore the world differently and head to a life-changing journey? – these movies will boost you up

Travel is not only about the places you visit and souvenirs you accumulate. It’s also a pursuit of a bigger purpose and meaning. Very often one travels to seek an answer to an important question, to find ”The truth” or to re-gain ”the appetite for life” as Elizabeth Gilbert says in her best-selling novel ”Eat, pry, love”.

I selected 5 great movies that will wake up the explorer in you and set you up for something more than ”the next destination”.

The first and the ultimate is ”The Way” where Tom (Martin Sheen) takes the pilgrimage of the “El camino de Santiago” following the steps of his son who passed away during the Camino. El Camino is a personal journey and has to be walked through alone. It’s getting more and more overrated, but still remains a seeking journey with one’s own thoughts, beliefs, judgements, superstitions, pains, thoughts, wounds and desires. This is the type of journey you won’t just undertake by curiosity, it’s a self-transformational quest.

”Expedition Happinness” is ”the dream comes true” for many wanderlusts. ItExpedition Happiness” is ”the dream comes true” for many wanderlusts. It’s about a young couple of travellers who decide to buy and old American school bus and to transform it to a ”moving home” in which you can just conquer the world. Felix Starck and Selima Taibi decide to start their trip from Alaska, through the USA, down to Mexico and South Amerika. They take their dog Rudy with them. This movie shows the ups and downs of a life on wheels. Fueled by wanderlust, Felix and Selima, encounter many difficulties and bad moments on their way searching for something else. Worth watching if you are thinking to take a sabbatical and to fulfil your life with different experiences than work, public transport and home. Gives inspiration on where and how to start to prepare such a long-term trip.

Always thirsty for new experiences? – watch Coco and experience Día de los Muertos in Mexico. This animation will urge you to plan your trip to Mexico, but not for the beaches and the Maya temples, but to experience and participate in the greatest celebration of Día de los Muerto. This is one of the experience, I personally would love to be a part of. Hope I’ll make it one day!

For all the women who want to travel solo, but are not ready yet, I would recommend watching ”Queen of the Desert”. Gertrude Bell is a traveler, writer and explorer in the Middle East. She is curious about the Bedouins and their nomadic life and finds inspiration in the desert. Travelling solo is one of the greatest experiences you could have in life. No matter if it’s in the Middle East or elsewhere, go for it, it’s the greatest time alone you can offer to yourself.

Travel through food is one of the best ways to discover a country, its culture and its people. ”The Hundred-Foot Journey” is a perfect example of how food can break down barriers between people and cuisines. French and Indian restaurants enter into a culinary war, but behind the walls, people discover different spices and recipes that reunite them and help them re-think their prejudices.

Are you ready to hit the road again and to collect experiences of a lifetime?

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