Five influential women of our time – Whitney Huston, Lady Gaga, Lady Di and Maya Angelou

I started to watch autobiographical documentaries on Netflix after I saw the movie about the iconic singer of our time – Whitney Houston ”Whitney: Can I Be Me (2017)”. I love her voice and was curious to see the person behind that monumental voice. I decided to continue and watched the movies ”The Story of Diana”, ”Gaga: Five foot two” and, ”Maya Angelou and Still I Rise (2016)” and was inspired to smile, to work hard, to listen carefully, to love deeply and to use words as these women did.

”Whitney: Can I Be Me (2017)” is about the great talent of Whitney Huston and her tragic destiny. For me, Whitney is a great voice with a wonderful smile that will always stay in my heart and mind. I associate this great singer with her beautiful smile and with her eternal songs that I will always listen. The most lonely people who seek desperately love and affection, have the most beautiful smile. Worth watching, even thought Whitney couldn’t fight her own demons.

”Gaga: Five foot two” is a documentary about Lady Gaga. I don’t like her music, either her eccentric beginning, but the documentary showed a hard-working woman who works and plays the piano hard literally. I very much liked the person behind the scene and the extravagant dresses and admire the way she works hard and strives for perfection.

”The Story of Diana” – who doesn’t like Lady Di? She was an amazing woman, a loving mom, a socially engaged public figure, a fashion icon and a person who suffered a lot during her lifetime. The movie shows her own suffering, her struggles during her marriage and the love she gave to people all over the world. A person who created history and who will always remain in people’s hearts.

Some people use the only weapon of words and conquer the world with words only. The words of Maya Angelou will remain forever and her words are classics for generations to come. I did not know much about Dr Maya Angelou, but ”Maya Angelou and Still I Rise (2016)” stares how books she’s read transformed her life and her words, on the other hand, influenced other lives. Not only music starts and public figures deserve admiration, what’s written too.

Are you inspired by these women? When it rains outside, it’s time for movies!

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