Cosy movies nights with Marion Cotillard, Audrey Tautou, Diane Keaton and Kate Winslet

It’s winter time and it’s the best time of the year to catch up with some nice movies. I’ve been thinking about writing a post about my favourite movies, but when I started drafting the movies’ titles, I realized that all the movies are with my favourite actresses! So that how I decided to make a post about my favourite actresses and the movies that star them that I would recommend watching.

The first actress on my list is Marion Cotillard. I just love her! She is amazing and I like all the movies where she stars!

However, I will put my top three movies with Marion Cotillard in this list: ”Love me if you dare” – ”Jeux d’enfants” where she plays together with her future husband Guillaume Canet. This is my favourite movie of all times! It’s a love story, but not a romantic one, it’s a playful love story! Worth watching at any time!

The second one is ”La Môme” (”La vie en rose”) where Marion Cotillard plays the iconic French singer Édith Piaf! The resemblance between the real person and her film copy is incredible! Great story, great singer and great movie!

The third one is a heavy one: ”Rust and Bone”. It’s a sad story about a whale trainer (Marion Cotillard) who loses her legs in a horrible accident but finds love the hard way afterwards. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

The second actress on my list is Audrey Tautou and ”Coco before Chanel”; ”Amélie” (”Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain”) and ”Hunting and Gathering” (”Ensemble c’est tout”).

Not much to say about Mademoiselle Chanel played by Audrey Tautou. The real-life story speaks enough for itself.

Amélie Poulain is a very controversial movie. You love it or you hate it! I hated it at first sight but loved it at the second. It’s a very ”French” movie and if you like France, or speak the language it might be easier to understand the whole picture.

”Hunting and Gathering” (FR ”Ensemble c’est tout”) is inspired by Anna Gavalda‘s novel and a love story which starts with an unplanned roommates’ encounter. For more details, just watch it!

The third actress on the list is Diane Keaton and the movies: ”Something’s gotta give”; ”The young pope” – even though she does not play the main role, she is the most important female figure in the movie and the ”Book Club” that inspired me to organize my own ”Book Club”.

Something’s gotta give it’s just brilliant! Erica Barry (Diane Keaton) inspired me to start writing and I wish I had the same beach house as Erica Barry of course): The young pope is intriguing and unusual and the Book Club is just for fun! Watch them all and have a great time!

Kate Winslet is not really a favourite actress of mine, but I like her roles in ”The Dressmaker”‘The Reader” and ”The Holiday”.

My favourite of all the three is ”The Dressmaker”. It stars Kate Winslet as a femme fatale in the role of the dressmaker who changes the life of her small Australian home village forever!

I very much like ”The Holiday” because of the winter and the snow, Iris’ (Kate Winslet) cosy winter chalet and the love story of course. ”The Reader” is a serious movie and it raises a lot of questions about the age difference between men and women, the anticipation of the truth and love with no barriers. A serious movie, opinions are divided, but watch it and judge it yourself. I personally liked it very much!

I hope all your evenings till the end of the winter are fully booked for movies watching! Have a great time and thanks for reading!


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