The Tulip Road

Colorful Tulip Fields

Since I live in the Netherlands I was always wondering if the Tulip Fields really exist and if they are reachable by car or public transport or you can only admire them on the beautiful pictures on social media. This year my social media feed exploded with beautiful pictures of all kind of colors and I decided that the time has come to explore the myth and to find the tulip fields. I did my meticulous research on Google, but could not find a destination reachable by public transport or with a parking to leave the car. And by accident, a colleague of mine suggested to fo to Hillegom – a little town with a railway station surrounded by Tulip Fields! Even if you don’t have a car, you take the train to Hillegom and here there are tulips, tulips everywhere! From the station itself, you can already see the endless flowers fields.

Needless to continue to write about all the beauty I saw in front of me! Take a moment, and look at my pictures! Be aware that the best period to visit the Tulip Fields or Keukenhof is between March and April.  So, I confirm the Tulip Fields really exist and you can enter them and make gorgeous pictures!

Enjoy and thanks for reading!





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