How to make the best of Christmas and enjoy the holiday season

The Christmas season is in his pick and end of the year is around the corner. It’s time to relax, enjoy family time and think about our loved ones! Here is my selection of tips on how to make your Christmas holiday absolutely unforgettable!

Christmas time

Send as many postcards as you can to your family and friends. Choose beautiful cards, write down warm wishes, put them in an envelope and send them by post in an old-fashioned way. You have no idea how much joy this little gesture can bring in one’s heart and home!

Christmas post cards

Buy handmade presents for your loved ones, or offer them experiences! Visit a local Christmas market and choose handmade soaps, cookies, paintings, articles, clothing or unique artisanal items. I got a ”365 Photo Challenges to inspire your Instagram year” book and started to make more and more pictures and improve my photography skills.

Painting of a traditional Bulgarian house

Just relax and enjoy the winter time: hot chocolate, Chrismas movies, and songs decorate a Christmas tree or just visit a local Christmas market will fill your heart and soul with a festive feeling and joy!

DIY Christmas tree

Take care of yourself: during the Christmas holidays, offer yourself time for a hot bath, face mask, massage, or just go to a spa. Calm down your mind and enjoy a peaceful moment of deserved self-care!

Handmade Aroma Block

Try to cook a traditional Christmas dish from a different country than yours like Gingerbread or cookies (England, Germany, Western Europe mainly), Glühwein (Germany), Cabbage rolls (”Сарми” in Bulgarian; called Dolma in Central Asia (Armenia)), Danish Cinnamon Rolls, Stamppot (mashed potatoes, The Netherlands).


Play Secret Santa at work or just organize a secret presents exchange at work or with your friends! It’s so much fun to make a personalized surprise and make somebody else happy! Giving is always better than receiving.

Secret Santa

Think about your NY’s resolutions. Make a picture of yourself before and after achieving your goals and keep a visual and written diary of your progress!

NY’s resolutions

Declutter your home, mind, soul of everything you don’t need anymore and be ready for new things to come in your life! Decluttering and giving for charity things you don’t anymore is such a liberating experience! It will bring so much positive energy in your home and mind!

Clean your house more often to make room for new energy to flow in

Go to a Christmas concert, ballet, theater, opera or circus! This year I won two tickets for a concert ”Winteravonden don’t need either de Amstel” in the Hermitage in Amsterdam. I invited a friend of mine to join me and had a great time!

Winteravonden aan de Amstel

Enjoy the snow!

Snow in Bulgaria

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas to you all!