How did the second part of my 2018 go? Detailed review from July to December.

I am extremely excited when I am writing such articles as they make me think about all the nice things, new experiences, great moments and the journey I’ve walked through 2018. I’ve done so many nice things from January to June and accomplished dreams and goals I’ve been chasing for a while. Now it’s time to turn back and put in writing all the beautiful moments I had from July to December.

Year review in pictures and memories

At the beginning of July, I signed up for a workshop to learn how to knit a giant blanket. That was on my list for ages and I was so excited when I finally headed to Zaandam to attend the knitting workshop. Really enjoyed it and highly recommend DIY workshops to anyone who has the energy and time for self-development and new hobbies.

Knitting workshop – giant blanket 

In July was our Company Summer Event where we did a painting workshop followed by a brunch and a boat party. Creative energy just spread around,  nice food, and great dancing floor! Had a great time!

Painting workshop 

On the 14th of July, I visited Rotterdam. This is my favorite Dutch city and it grows extremely fast. Every time I go there it’s just mind-blowing. Everything is in constant change and transformation in Rotterdam.


My birthday is in July and this year I celebrated it in Amsterdam with my colleagues. I have great colleagues and we always celebrate our birthdays together. I wanted to do something fun and decided to offer them a visit to the Sex Museum in Amsterdam. Funny experience if you are open to such an idea! Then we went to Hilton Sky Lounge for some ladies chit chat and cocktails.

Sex Museum Amsterdam

What did my husband offer me as a present for my birthday? – a visit to Giethorn – the village without roads or well-known as the Dutch Venice. Fairytale place to have a romantic boat trip on a special occasion!

Giethorn – Dutch Venice

For my 34th birthday, I decided to put down all the lessons I’ve learned so far in order not to forget them and always remember the tough situations I’ve been through for my 34 years. Check out the 34 life-changing lessons I learned for 34 years!

34 lessons for 34 years

August: In August I spent a lot of time cooking and having nice meals in my beautiful garden: fish, mussels, crunchy goat cheese with honey and walnuts, my special burgers, white wine, and good mood!

Good food, good life

August, I did my first Surf camp in Scheveningen! I had two surf classed, one yoga class, a coffee on a sunny terrace afterward and a greeting from huge buffalos on my way back home!

Surf camp Scheveningen

At the end of August, me and my husband, we decided to have a long weekend in Copenhagen and Malmo. We are very fond of minimalistic design and that was the perfect destination for us. Check out my Copenhagen and Malmo itinerary here: Øresund Bridge – between Copenhagen and Malmo


With September, the rainy season stepped in and it was time for tea and books.

For the first time, I hosted a Book Club at home! We got together with few colleagues at my place and had a great exchange around a cup of tea and a mouth-melting tiramisu! If you are seeking inspiration on how to organize such an event, just check out my article: My first book club: 5 ladies, 5 books and one tiramisu!

Book club

In September, we had a great workshop organized at work which took place at a historic venue Het West-Indisch Huis. We had a work-related team building and played strategic games in the morning followed by a great buffet at lunch and enjoyed a boat trip on the canals under the Amsterdam sun in the afternoon. The day ended with a historic tour of Het West-Indisch Huis presented by an artist and guide who told us very interesting facts about the Netherlands.

Boat trip Amsterdam

In September I read two very inspiring books that I highly recommend.

The first is the Virgin Way by Sir Richard Branson. If you are interested in business and leadership, this is the perfect inspirational reading. I had a great time during my commuting hours with this book!

The second book is Winter of our discontent by John Steinbeck. This is a very special book for me as it’s linked to a very warm memory. Read my full review of  Winter of our discontent by John Steinbeck here: The Winter of our Discontent by John Steinbeck

October: London, London, London!

The highlight of October was my trip to London! High-tea ceremony, walking in Hyde Park, looking at the sunset from London Eye, what a great time I had in London!

One of my favorite bloggers LaMartinia made a training in October and I was more than happy to sign up! I followed a training focused on personal blogs which helped me to understand better why did I create my own blog and why do I continue to write. I also started making more and more photographies after the training, seeking inspiration everywhere! The best investment is the one in yourself!

In October, I also spent a lot of time reading at home and watching movies on Netflix, that why I consider that my house is my fortress!

In November, we visited the Safari Zoo in Beekse Bergen where you can drive your car and meet face-to-face with wild animals. The most impressive ones? The Lions!

In November, for the first time in my life, I wrote an E-book: Free Dream Maker bucket checklist! It’s a bucket checklist, very inspiring and easy to use! To download it, please follow the link:

In November, for the first time in my life, I tried Barre – a workout combining exercises and ballet! Highly recommend it! You workout, you smile, you dance!

In November for the first time in my life, I managed to break a very bad habit devastating my health and life. After years and years and years to stop biting my nails, I finally found a cure for how to stop damaging my hands and nails and my advice just to do yourself a manicure regularly. I started to do my nails on a regular basis as well as take care of my arms along the day – using plastic gloves for dishwashing, putting hand cream and solar oil before going on and that helps!

In November, for the first time, I drank a hot chocolate at Museumplein with a view to the Ice Rink! Amsterdam is beautiful in the winter! Learn more How to spend a Christmas a la Dutch, read my article.

December and the end of the year came very fast and it was a great time for hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, Christmas markets, movie marathons and some great presents exchange time with family and friends.

The first highlight of the month was the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. I would say that’s the movie of the year! It such a masterpiece, I would never forget the atmosphere in the cinema saloon – people were singing and nobody wanted to leave the room even after the movie ended.

In December, I finally visited Wynand Fockink one of the most famous liquor stores in Amsterdam. You can taste different types of liquor, alcoholic beverages and genever there and order the one that fits the best your taste. It’s a hidden gem in Amsterdam and the place is not fancy and extremely tiny, but it’s worth the efforts to find it!

The fifth of December is the Sinterklaasavond in the Netherlands. It’s a bigger celebration than Christmas and Dutch people eat peppernoten, give each other chocolate letters in the form of the first letter of their names and wait for Sinterklaas to arrive! The tradition says that people have to make lottery beforehand and choose the person to whom they have to offer a secret present accompanied by a poem. Every year, together with a group of friends of mine, we get together and play Secret Santa! This year, I was the host and we had such a great time with food, drinks, and games!

December is the equivalent of Christmas parties and markets. This year, we had a great Christmas party at Krasnopolsky hotel at the Dam square in Amsterdam. The highlight for me was the preparation before the party, It’s always extremely exciting to buy a new dress, to have a complete makeover and your hair professionally done as well as to feel beautiful and special that day! And the day at work was all about the Christmas party and the spirit!

This year I decided to visit the Christmas market organized by the Bulgarian school in Amsterdam. Why? Because I wanted to support the local Bulgarian community and to buy handmade presents from talented people who deserve it! See below what I got from there!

For the second time in a row, I won 2 tickets for a Christmas concert at the Hermitage in Amsterdam called Winteravonden aan de Amstel. Great music, great location, great experience!

Before the concert, I decided to have a walk in the center of Amsterdam. Every year I make big plans to do it and never succeed, but this year, I just left the office earlier full of determination to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere of the city. The Light Festival in Amsterdam has already started, so I could see some installations all over the canals. I would rank Amsterdam among the best European Christmas destinations. Just give it a try!

Amsterdam Light Festival

These were all the highlights of my 2018! How did your 2018 go? What are your greatest moments in words and pictures?

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2019!

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Nouvelle 2019!

Счастливого Рождества и с наступающем 2019!

Весела Коледа и Щастлива Нова 2019!

Thanks for reading and stay tunes for more orpheeway inspiration to flow!

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