Life updates: January till June 2018 how did this year go so far

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Time just flies and when I think about what I’ve done this year, not much is coming straight to my mind…That why I decided to write down all the major milestones (or important events) from January to June 2018.

Let’s begin!

2018 year

January: the new year has begun with loads of new exciting resolutions and a return ticket to Thailand – the trip of my life! But before that, I visited Zeeland! The first days of the year were spent with my husband in Zeeland – a Dutch province famous for its closeness to the sea and considered being a nice vacation place to spend your summer sea vacation there. However, we were there in the middle of the winter season with cold and wind and no option to swim! It was unusual and fun to start the new year in the cities of Terneuzen and Middleburg. I wrote a little article about my Zeeland experience that you can check out: 5 things to do in Zeeland when it’s cold and you end up there out of the season


In the middle of the month, I headed to Thailand! I spent two amazing weeks exploring Thailand from Bangkok to Koh Phangan to Phi Phi islands and back to Bangkok! I visited Buddhist temples, was blessed by a monk, had a ride in a tuk-tuk, participated in a cooking class and learned how to prepare a proper pad thai, scuba-dived in Phi Phi, washed elephants in a sanctuary in Koh Phangnan, ate street food at the Food Market in Koh Phangnan, had a Thai massage, had a fish cleaning massage, immersed myself into Bangkok’s nightlife, visited Maya Bay (the famous beach from ”The Beach” but without Leo), enjoyed the sunrise at Maya Bay, dived in the night to see a plankton and went back home very happy to accomplish one of the my biggest travel dreams!

Elephants sanctuary.JPG

On my way to Thailand and back I had a layover in Doha, Qatar and I read two books: the first is called ”Heights” – (Bulgarian: Възвишение), by Milen Ruskov, a famous Bulgarian contemporary author. I left the book at the resort where I stayed in Ko Phagnan as a souvenir from my visit! My last day in Bangkok I stayed at a hotel where I found two books ”Scarlett, si possible” (in French) by Katherine Pancol and ”The Circle” by Dave Eggard. I managed to read them very quickly and would highly recommend them. I read them with a delicious Arabian coffee at Doha airport!

February: during the second month of the year, I had to concentrate on my work as I changed the team and needed time to adapt to my new colleagues. I re-started going to the gym and tried fit boxing, spinning, yoga, meditation. I became addicted to the swimming pool and the sauna, especially during the cold days.

Meditation class.JPG

In February, I accomplished a project I had for a while. I went to a special therapy to overcome my fear of driving. It took me some time to make up my mind and go for it, but I do not regret at all. It helped me so much! I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone and everyone who has a fear of riding a bike, driving a car, or just other similar issues.

I read one of the best books ever during the cold days of February -”Zuleiha opens her eyes” by Guzel Yakhina! Please check my review of the book here: ”Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes” by Guzel Yakhina – could the life in a Gulag be better than the life with your own family?

Finally, I watched the emblematic Netflix series ”Narcos”. It’s mind-blowing! Just amazing! I would re-watch it again and again!

Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes


March: Spring was in the air and it was time to take the road (or the plane) again.This time to Belarus. This trip was the birthday present for my husband. We visited the capital – Minsk, tried draniki, visited Belaz factory, had a ride in a Belaz and enjoyed the beauty of the amazing city of Minsk. Belarus is an amazing country and if you consider to put it on your radar, read that first: 10 and more reasons to visit Minsk in Belarus


In March I discovered Afghan cuisine at the restaurant Mantoe in Amsterdam. If you are interested to visit the place during your next visit to the Netherlands, please check my review: In search of exquisite taste – Afghan cuisine


In March, it was time to strengthen my Instagram knowledge and I enrolled for a training focused on this social media. It was fun and enriching and I got my certificate!

April: It’s time for tulips! I’ve been living in the Netherlands for 5 years and I’ve never seen tulips field. This April, I was full of determination to find the beautiful tulips that you can see on all the postcard tourists buy in the Netherlands. So, we visited Hillegom.  I have to say, that was one of the best road trips ever! With tulips, sun and good mood on the road! Wondering where is Hillegom? Check out my review: The Tulip Road


April was the perfect month to do some renovation works in the house and finally plant the front house garden with roses, lilac, and lavender!

In April, the weather was so nice and sunny and one day I was scrolling my social media feed and saw I video about a park full of cherries blossoming! I thought it was a reportage about Japan, but actually, it was about Kersenbloesempark in Amsterdam! So the next day, I checked the exact location and it happened that this beautiful park was close to my office. The weather was nice, I left the office and headed to Kersenblosempark in Amsterdamse Bos. If you visit Amsterdam in April, plan a picknick there, you won’t regret it!


May: May is my favorite month of the year! And this year it did not disappoint me! It started with a quick weekend escape to Hamburg. We spent 1 day in Bremen (not my city) and 2 days in Hamburg (awesome!). Every time I think about it I feel so happy I made it! For more inspiration to choose Hamburg for your next city trip, read Go hipster and visit Hamburg!


After Hamburg, it was a great time to head to Bulgaria and pick up some roses! This year I planned my summer holiday according to the dates of the Roses Festival in Kazanlak, Bulgaria! That’s the most visited festival in the country and for a reason. However, the highlight of our Bulgarian road trip was the fact that we stayed in the Starozagorski Mineralni Bani region in between many well-known touristic attractions. We spent three days visiting different cities and attractions every day. My detailed perfect-Bulgarian-vacation guide can be found here: Rose Festival, Valley of the Thracian kings and the endless list of reasons to visit this region


Rose picking ritual

June: we spent the half of the month in Bulgaria and we visited one of the best beaches I’ve ever seen – Bolata. It’s a wild beach in the middle of nowhere, 80  km north from Varna. It was amazing spending the day there jumping in the crystal clear water on our own.

Bolata Bay

After our three weeks vacation, it was time to go back home. I spend some time enjoying the summer in the Netherlands as this year it was very hot. I read ”I hear your voices” (Bulgarian: ”Гласовете ви чувам”) by Dimitar Talev. The book is the third part of a series of books ” The iron oil lamp”, ”The bells of Prespa”, ”I hear your voices” and ”Ilinden”. All of them are considered being ”Bulgarian classics” and are translated into many languages.


In June I finished another online training: ”The Complete Digital Marketing Course”. It was a very difficult and very time-consuming one, but I made it and got a certificate of completion.

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