My house is my fortress – the home of my dreams!

Having your own home is a very important milestone of a lifetime for a lot of people. Many prefer not to have anything in order not to attach to things, others put their heart and soul in building up from scratch the house of their dreams. I never thought I’ll own a house myself one day, but when we decided to have one, I was extremely excited and did my best to envision the interior, the garden and how do I want to make it comfortable and cozy. Me and my husband, we always shared the passion for minimalistic design and interior and we knew exactly what we wanted and had a plan ahead!

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The first and the ultimate thing we absolutely wanted was to buy a new-built house. Why? First, because we already bought a brand new apartment in Bulgaria and we knew what to expect and second because it’s way much easier to refurbish a new-built house rather than investing in repairing an old one. On top of that, the new built constructions possess the best isolation system and there is no humidity, neither mold during the cold seasons. So we bought the house and made the planning: we had a budget and 15 days to move in!!!

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As it was a 10 years old house, the walls were painted, the kitchen and the bathroom were already in place and well done, so we decided not to change them for the time being. The major construction works we had to undertake remained the floorings. We decided to put a floor heating system on the ground floor and cover it with a Lamel parquet – a wooden parquet specially designed to cover a floor heating system and conduct the heat through it. The best investment ever! The entire house is always warm in the winter! We have changed the floorings everywhere as well as painted all the windows’ frames in order to refresh them.

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As all the hard work has been previously done, we had energy, money and time to invest in the interior. Me and my husband, we both are very fond of the minimalistic design. We watched and got inspired by the series Grand Designs, we always bought Interior Design magazines and read articles about decors and interiors. What were our main requirements? To have a big sofa to relax, to have a convenient kitchen to cook, to have an open space with a multifunctional table to dine in and work on it and of course a big library. I had a very specific wish – I wanted to have a quilt made out of old Indian Saari produced by Hay and which colors you cannot choose – it always comes as a surprise! Wow! So, the first thing we ordered was a light gray sofa by Hay and a Quilt Ottoman. As we did not know which color the quilt will come, we decided to postpone the rest of the furniture.


Once we got the sofa and the quilt (which matched my expectation 200 % percent), we ordered a huge dining table from Hay (used also as a home office table) and 6 Hay chairs in different colors. Great choice as we spend a lot of time working at home.

I always dreamt about having a lot of books and a big library, so we decided to DIY a library! We bought shelves modules at IKEA and got a minimalistic, multi-functional and big enough library to collect all our books we do have!


The kitchen we inherited was good enough in the beginning, but after a while, we changed it. We ordered a brand new black kitchen with a Fenix kitchen top counter! Easy to use, easy to clean up, what else do we need to make the perfect meal? We wanted to get the entire kitchen made of the same material and brand on both sides of the kitchen corner, but our contractor couldn’t make it, so why we decided that we are going to make it ourselves because we truly believe that anything and everything is possible! The cooking part was sub-contracted and the shelves part was DIY by my lovely husband! The result was totally unexpected and amazing!

The last big project remained the garden. I am very much in love with my backyard! Every time I look at it, I cannot get my eyes off it as it’s just lovely! I spent so many mornings drinking my coffee there, read so many books and just enjoyed the sunsets. To know more about my garden, check my detailed review here: Plant a tree every year – challenge №4

As a conclusion, I would like to say, follow your dreams and never stop! Anything and everything is possible!

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