Destination Rotterdam, the most modern city in the Netherlands

Five things to do in Rotterdam

The time has come to write about my favorite city in the Netherlands: Rotterdam!

Spacious, modern, exciting, hosting the biggest port in Europe, Rotterdam is often compared to Dubai because of its modern architecture and skyscrapers. The second biggest city in the Netherlands has a lot to offer in terms of how to spend two unforgettable days in Rotterdam!

The cube houses (Kijk Cubus): located right above the Blaak Metro Station are for me the highlight of Rotterdam’s architecture. They are so cute with their extraordinary forms! You can even book a guided tour inside! Check here for more information.

Euromast: one of the symbols of the city together with Erasmus Bridge. Go to the top and make an awesome selfie!



Spido boat tour: this amazing boat tour will bring you to the biggest port in Europe: Rotterdam port. You can also book Maasvlakte cruise and see the Gargantuan Gates that prevent high seawaters from flooding. If you are lucky, you can see Pioneering spirit – the biggest pipe lying vessel in the world!



Kinderdijk: Unesco World Heritage Windmills reserve. Personally, I find Kinderdijk much bigger, less crowded and more impressive than Zaanse Schans. Check it out and decide for yourself. You can easily get there from Rotterdam by public transport.



There is a little park in the area between Euromast and Rotterdam Central Station. It’s located around the Kunsthal. You can have a walk on your way back (if you are not staying in Rotterdam) and make some fun pictures with the metal rabbits sculptures all around!



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