Accomplish a goal every month? C’est pas possible!

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I haven’t updated my Bucket list column for a while and took the time to investigate among my friends if they can accomplish a goal every month. Wow, that’s kinda tough, a lot of them said…A month goes so fast…What do you mean to achieve a goal every month? What kind of goals? So instead of giving me enough insight of yes or no to achieve a goal every month, everybody was bombarding me with questions????

So what do you think, is it possible to accomplish a goal every month? I am very very curious to hear from you….

Where this crazy idea comes from? Remember…My Bucket list column…and the ultimate 50 things to do before I die…I am like a Frenchie Bulldog, I do not give up on my goals…

In order to answer for myself to this question, I took my diary (yes, I have one) with all the things I would like to accomplish one day or another.

I started to page through the notebook and think about what have I achieved so far this year???? Hmm, let me think…

So, 2017 here we go…

January: the beginning of the year is always super exciting as we all set up our resolutions and start to chase them with ferocity since day 1. In January I finally finished “Bulgarian chronicles” – historical chronicles of Bulgaria from the establishment of the country to nowadays. This is a very serious reading…It took me a very very long time and a lot of notes to finish it. So, that’s thicked! Well done! 2. The second highlight of the month was my improvised girly last-minute spontaneous trip to Nice and Monaco. Never thought to go there, but…gave it a try and do not regret! I am challenging you: find the cheapest ticket and pack for an unknown destination! If French Riviera sounds appealing to you, check my review here: Nice and Monaco out of the season? Why not?

February: Costumes party, Chocolate festival and beautiful Haarlem! In February I was invited to a homemade costume party and guess what? I was dressed up like a gypsy! yes, the easiest costume to make with scarfs, bracelets, and stuff you have at home! Very creative and unique idea! Google how gypsies look like and create your own outfit!

Chocolate festival: quite unusual, isn’t it? People usually go to music festivals, but not chocolate…A friend of mine visited me and we spent a day eating chocolate and learning about the way it’s produced and the countries it comes from…and the exquisite flavours existing all over the globe – pure, spicy, white with Safran, dark with truffles and many many many others to taste and bring home in case you did not get enough. If you are interested, check it out: Chocoa festival

The third thing I did in February was my visit to Haarlem. The little Amsterdam as Dutch people call it! Amazing city, very underrated, very quiet and very few tourists were to be seen there…Haarlem looks like Vermeer’s “The girl with the pearl earring” – aristocratic, unique and very exquisite. When traveling to Amsterdam, absolutely check it out, it’s only in 15 minutes by train from Amsterdam Central Station!

March: spring is in the air! It’s time to head to Paris and see the Mona Lisa! Visit the Louvre was on my list for years! I went to Paris for work many times, but could not manage to finally visit the imposing and one of the biggest museums in the world. The Louvre…So in March, full of determination, I decided that the time has come for me to tick this out and I visited the Louvre. Everyone should visit it at least once! Of course, the building is just immense and one day is just not enough, but you can choose what to see…

April: Dutch countryside and windmills.In April the wheater was getting warmer and warmer and finally, my mother paid me a visit in the country of the tulips. We traveled a lot with her, but the biggest highlight of our trip was…not Amsterdam, not Utrecht, but…Werkendam!!!! Yes, Werkendam…never heard about it??? Me neither…It’s a small colorful village in the middle of the Dutch nowhere…How to get there??? That’s tricky…We took a water taxi from Gorinchem and ended up there! If you want to immerse in the Dutch countryside lifestyle, go ahead! Werkendam is waiting for you!

Another thing I am very proud to have ticked off was to visit Zaanse Schans! I hear you laughing! So, finally, I made it! Zaanse Schans, you are no longer on my bucket list! I am not gonna bother you with Zaanse Schaans here, as I am planning to do a detailed review of it in a separate post! Keep you in the loop!

May: my favorite month of the year! And it’s time to go on holidays in Bulgaria…I originally come from Bulgaria, but every time I go back home, I try to travel there as much as I can. This time I planned to visit Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, and Fort of Ovech. Plovdiv is the second big city in the country and one of the oldest cities in the world, Veliko Tarnovo is the former capital and the Fort of Ovech looks like the Great Chinese Wall, but in Bulgaria! I will provide you with all the details how to get there, what to do and what to eat in another post (man,  I have so much to write…).

As I was supposed to spend the summer in Bulgaria, in June, me and my mother we had the crazy idea for a little escape…you are wondering where??? In Romania!!!!! Dracula here we come! We spent a lovely time, me and my mother, admiring the Carpathian mountains and wondering if this famous guy of Dracula will be so kind to visit us…

July: the perfect time for sun, sea, and mussels…I traveled a lot last summer and during my weekends in Varna, I had the opportunity to travel a little bit around…I visited the Museum of mosaics in Devnya – this is the place where you can see real mosaics preserved from the Antique era. It’s been on my list for a while too and now, I had the opportunity to finally pay it a visit. I also spent a day in Balchik! Beautiful! So many things to do there….Botanical garden, Queen Maria’s castle, many traditional Bulgarian museums, typical Bulgarian architecture and of course…beach, sun and good food! The dolce farniente Bulgarian style!

August: it’s time to come back to the Netherlands. Back home I decided that it was time to organize a garden party and to invite my friends to come over. I always wanted to make a big party/ dinner at my place and the moment has come! One more thing on the list was checked out! It turned out that it was an inside-home party as it was raining that day. But anyway! All my closest friends came over, a pleasant multinational dinner took place in my beautiful house and we spent a great great time together! Food, drinks, good friends, that’s all you need!

At the end of August, me and my husband we got our 10th anniversary! Yes, ten years together! We were up for something more than a fancy dinner and we went on a trip to Iceland! Finally, my dream came true! For more details on my trip to Iceland, please read this: Epic Iceland – a trip to rediscover the beauty of Nature

After Iceland, I was missing the sun so much so I decided to prolong the summer and to chase it in Marseille! If you are interested in visiting Marseille, check my review here: Calissons, Calanques, and Savon de Marseille: chasing the summer mood in Marseille

Now it’s already October and three more months to go before the end of the year! I decided to do the best of it! I have my goals set up, my daily planner is always open and dear reader I can’t wait to keep you posted on my progress!

What are your goals so far? Sharing is caring and giving others good ideas to explore!

Thanks for reading!



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