My favourite international dishes from around the world

I love to collect new tastes. When I travel I always look for places to try local food. I am also a big fan of the idea to bring recipes of my favourite international dishes from around the world back home rather than magnets.

I did not (yet) visit as many countries as I wish, but I tried to make a list of my international favourite dishes from around the globe.

From Russia with love first ultimate international favourite: Russian pelmeni and tea

My mother is Russian, so I am half Russian. I was raised with pelmeni and tea and this is the meal I relate to “home”. And watching “Moscow does not believe in tears” with tea and priyaniki is priceless.

Favourite international dish - Russian pelmeni
Russian pelmeni

Chicken soup for the soul – Bulgarian classic

Although I was born in Russia, I spent a big part of my life in Bulgaria. I like very much Bulgarian cuisine as it’s abundant in fruit and vegetables. However, my favourite Bulgarian dish remains the chicken soup that my husband cooks especially when I am sick. This is the smell of my home.

Favourite international dish - Bulgarian chicken soup
Bulgarian chicken soup

French patisseries, mais oui!

J’adore les patisseries francaises! I lived in France for a while and I am just in love with he language and French deserts. My favourite ones remain croissants, macarons, madelaines, canneleset clafoutis bien sur!

Favourite international dessert - French macarons
French macarons

Spagettis carbonara per favore!

I love pasta, and especially the real spaghetti carbonara (without sour cream!). The original pasta carbonara is handmade and is with eggs’ whites with parmigiano. And this is with no doubts another favourite international dish of mine. La dolce vita!

Favourite international dish - Pasta carbonara
Pasta carbonara

Sangria in Barcelona! What else?

The first time I drank sangria was during the putlock we organized during my summer university in Quebec. Since then, for me, sangria synonym is Spain, fiesta and summer breeze.

Favourite international drink - Sangria in Barcelona
Drinking sangria in Barcelona

Go to Iceland and try SKYR

One of the best trips for me remains my escape to Iceland. There is no such a term as “Icelandic cuisine”, but one thing I will always remember: the richness of the skyr. Although the real yoghurt comes from Bulgaria I LOVE SKYR and this is another favourite international food I cannot live without!

Favourite international dessert - Skyr from Iceland
Skyr from Iceland

Immerse yourself in a street food market in Thailand.

You have no idea how much food did I eat in Thailand. I did not miss anything from Thai cuisine, on the contrary, I dedicated an entire day to hang around a street food market in Kho Pagnan. My favourite Thai foodie so far is pad thai. Thai food is one of my favourite cuisines from around the globe.

Cooking international class in Bangkok, Thailand
Cooking class in Bangkok, Thailand

Dutch fast food is the best!

I lived for 5 years in the Netherlands and I have to admit that the best fast food I’ve ever eaten can be found in the Netherlands. My favourite Dutch bites are bitterballen. They are served as bites in every gathering and are a must-try dish when in the Netherlands.

Some tips for those who are visiting Utrecht: Best French fries in town: Frietswinkel. Best burgers (the best of the best): Meneer Smakers. Best pizza: Mario – can be found in the city centre. International fast food trip around the world begins with the Netherlands.

Favourite international bites - Dutch bitterballen
Dutch bitterballen

Poutine, my friend!

It’s a great time to recommend Poutine from Quebec. It’s a heavy, greasy dish, basically French fries with sauce, but what is special for me about poutine is the place where I tried poutine first time in my life. It was on a terrace in the Old part of the city of Quebec. A moment to remember for a lifetime – travelling the world and enjoy the food!

Favourite international dish - Poutine quebecoise
Poutine quebecoise

Borsh from Ukraine

One of my favourite international soups is Borsch. Not many people know that it comes from Ukraine. I’ve been only once in Odessa, but I remember the sea and borsch. Another top dish from a country that I ticked on my list!

Favourite international soup - Borsh from Ukraine
Borsh from Ukraine

Arabic coffee in Abu Dhabi

Arabic coffee is a ritual. Served in a sophisticated pot and with dаtes, it transports you in Scheherazade’s 1001 Arabian nights. I tried Arabic coffee for the first time in Abu Dhabi and was delighted. Give it a try while travelling in the Middle East. A top 1 international drink so far!

Favourite international drink - Arabic  coffee in Abu Dhabi
Arabic coffee in Abu Dhabi

Viennese coffee and strudel in Vienna

Viennese coffee and strudel were our unforgettable experience during our European road trip. Served with vanilla cream and coffee or tea, it’s hard to forget this Austrian dessert!

Favourite international dessert - Vienese coffee and strudel
Vienese coffee and strudel in Vienna

Gulash from Hungary, but served in Krakow, Poland

When I was in Krakow for more than a month, I embarked on an eating and drinking adventure. Every day, I treated myself so well and I ate so many great Polish dishes that I did not want to come back home. Everything, even more on what to eat and drink in Krakow, Poland, read here: 10 essential eating and drinking experiences in Krakow, Poland

Favourite international dish - Hungarian gulash
Gulash from Hungary, but served in Krakow, Poland

Turkish delights – Hosgeldiniz in Istanbul!

Well, travelling to Turkey does not mean eating healthy. The best in Turkey are the Turkish delights. My favourite Turkish desserts are baklava, but kadayif and kunefe are worse neither.

Favourite Turkish delights
Turkish Kadayif

Georgian Khinkali

Georgia is on my list and I wish so hard to visit this amazing country and explore its cuisine at the fullest one day. Khachapuri and khinkali are among my favourite international dishes ever!

Favourite international cuisine - Georgian Khinkali
Georgian Khinkali

Afgan cuisine in Amsterdam

I was really surprised to learn that there was a great Afghan restaurant in Amsterdam. With no hesitation, I booked a table and tried their signature mantoe dish. Travel the world through tastes and tick all the international dishes you’ve always wanted to try!

Afgan mantoe
Afgan mantoe

High tea experience in Fortnum and Mason, London

Enjoying a High Tea in Fortnum and Mason in London was one of the best experiences in my life. It’s such an exquisite event with good food and high-quality tea. The location contributes to the experience and Fortnum and Mason does not disappoint!

High tea experience in Fortnum and Mason, London
High tea experience in Fortnum and Mason, London

Swdish Kanelbullar – Swedish cinnamon rolls

Swedish Kenlbullar is for me synonym of Christmas even though I’ve never lived in Sweden. Their aroma and taste tell more about Christmas than anything else. The Swedish Cinnamon rolls are my favourite international pastry so far!

Favourite international pastry - Swdish Kanelbullar
Swdish Kanelbullar – Swedish cinnamon rolls

Belarusian serniki

My absolute favourite Belarusian bites. I’ve did not miss a meal without serniki for dessert in Belarus. Cheesy and sweet, the perfect best friend of an afternoon tea.

Favourite international dish - Belarusian serniki
Belarusian serniki

Romanian papaeshti in Valea Zanelor, Romania

I tried Romanian papaeshti during our European road trip. We stopped by Castelul Lut in Valea Zanlor for a night break and got a delicious surprise after dinner: homemade Romanian papaeshti. Another international dessert to remember!


Do you like trying local dishes and cuisine while travelling?

What are your favourite dishes and tastes from around the world?

Thanks for reading!