5 Netflix documentaries about core values in life

The true cost

This documentary is about fast fashion and the resources we waste and use to please our desire to consume more and more and more. It shows the entire process of fabricating, using and throwing away the clothes we buy at cheap shops and brands. The documentary not only makes us think about all we use in your daily life but also questions if we really need all the things we purchase. The movie touches a very important part of the modern consumerism – the ecological impact of the fast fashion on the planet and its resources like water, agriculture and fresh air. Since I watched the movie, I started to act more consciously and to think twice before I buy clothes and shoes. Cheap labor is another part of the problem and people are dying of planting GMO cotton in India and South Asia. Amazing documentary to help you build up great values and become more aware of what you consume and how you treat fashion workers and our planet!

The True Cost


Great documentary series about cooking, fresh food, the social impact of food, get-togethers around food and traditions of food ”providing and preparation” around the world. The documentary is composed of 4 series each dedicated to one of the 4 natural elements: water, fire, air, and earth and the way these natural forces have shapen modern gastronomy. This documentary will change the way you think about food and will push you to eat more healthy, natural and homemade food!


Expedition Happiness

Two free young people – Felix and Selima and their dog Rudy travel in an old school bus through Alaska, Canada, USA, Mexico in search of happiness. Their journey is amazing and makes you embark on your own adventure in search of your own pleasure and everyday joy. Great soundtracks, sceneries, and journey! This is my favorite one, I watched it twice )::

Expedition Happiness

Gaga Five Foot Two

This movie is about Lady Gaga and it displays the star and her daily routine after her eccentric period. Personally, I am not a big fan of her work, but watching the documentary I saw how committed and professional was she toward her work and fans. She works really hard every day and she is very close to her family. She has great family values that you can feel in the movies. The documentary proofs that only hard work and support from your loved one can make all your dreams come true!

Gaga: Five Foot Two

Before the flood

A film by Leonardo DiCaprio U.N. Messenger of Peace who advocates in front of the world leaders that climate change and its ecological impact is one of the critical threats to a sustainable future for all the species on this planet. This documentary reminds us of all the disinformation and inaction of the most influential people on earth and urgent is to take action and save our common Home!

Before the flood

Enjoy watching these great documentaries! Thanks for reading!


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