Hiking the heavenly beautiful 7 Rila Lakes in Bulgaria

Few days itinerary: Sofia – Rila Monastery – 7 Rila Lakes – Melnik – Blagoevgrad – Sofia

The time has come to write about one of the best trips in my life –  hiking the heavenly beautiful Rila 7 Lakes in Bulgaria. I made the 7 Rila Lakes trip just before moving to the Netherlands to remind me how beautiful Bulgaria is.

My trip started from Sofia, where I met a friend of mine with whom we went hiking the 7 Rila lakes and finished our trip in Blagoevgrad.

First day: Rila Monastery and hiking the 7 Rila Lakes

The Monastery of Saint Ivan of the Rila, well-known as the Rila Monastery (Рилски манастир, Rilski manastir) is an emblematic place and one of the most famous attractions in Bulgaria. It was founded in the 10th century and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. You can easily reach it by bus from Sofia. It’s located in between Sofia and the 7 Rila Lakes. Thus, make a half-day trip to Rila Monastery and you won’t regret it!

By lunchtime we were ready to head to a much bigger adventure: hike the 7 Rila Lakes in one day!

Rila Monastery in Bulgaria
Rila Monastery in Bulgaria

Hiking the heaven – the 7 Rila Lakes in Bulgaria

Most noteworthy, the 7 Rila Lakes are heavenly beautiful and are named after the shape each of them has: The Tear (Сълзата – Salzata); The Eye (Окото – Okoto); The Kidney (Бъбрека – Babreka); The Twin (Близнака – Bliznaka); The Trefoil (Трилистника – Trilistnika); Fish Lake (Рибното езеро – Ribnoto zero); The Lower Lake (Долното езеро – Dolnoto zero). Me and my friend, we did them all in one day – quite tough, but worth it! The hiking itself is just mind-blowing, you walk, admire the view and don’t think about anything. Just you and the endless scenery!

Hiking the 7 Rila Lakes in Bulgaria
7 Rila Lakes in Bulgaria

Second day: tasting wine in Melnik

Next comes Melnik – located in the south, famous for its wine and cliffs. It’s a small city, but extremely picturesque, especially the scenery of the Melnik cliffs. We walked from the city to the cliffs (about 7 km) and could immerse ourselves in the horizon in front of us. The panorama is breathtaking! I will never forget the view! In the evening, we were tired and drunk! Never visit Malnik without trying the wine!

Wine tasting in Melnik, Bulgaria
Wine tasting in Melnik, Bulgaria

Third day: Blagoevgrad

Another place of interest on my list after hiking the 7 Rila Lakes is Blagoevgrad. It became popular the last few years thanks to Francofolies. Francofolies is the host of the biggest francophone music festival, which takes place annually in La Rochelle, France; Montreal, Canada, Spa, Belgium and Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. The festival has attracted some big artists, including Patrick Bruel, Patricia Kaas, Zaz, rapper Fefe, and the groups Nouvelle Vague, Gypsy Kings, Parov Stelar.

Apart from Francophilies, the city impresses its guests with the cosy and vibrant city centre, the Varosha Quarter located in the Old Town, the church ”Vavedenie Bogorodichno” in the Varosha Quarter, the Drama Theatre “N. Vaptsarov” and Blagoevgrad Opera House.

Varosha Quarter in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Varosha Quarter in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Fourth day: all the roads in Bulgaria lead to Sofia

Finally, we ended up in Sofia where our hiking the heavenly beautiful 7 Rila Lakes Bulgarian adventure began. We were up to visit the Sofia Synagogue – the biggest synagogue on the Balkans. It’s located in the city centre, close to the Central Halls. The building itself is quite impressive from outside, but unfortunately, it was closed when we arrived there. It’s always good to have something left to visit the next time!

Sofia Synagogue in Sofa, Bulgaria
Sofia Synagogue in Sofa, Bulgaria

Do you plan to hike the heavenly beautiful 7 Rila Lakes in Bulgaria soon?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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