The Great Bulgarian Wall – The Fort of Ovech in Provadia, Bulgaria

The Medieval Fort of Ovech in Provadia, Bulgaria

I’ve never heard of the Fort of Ovech until I started seeing great pictures on social media and was wondering if the place looks really great or the pictures were just ”intagramarly” great? So, why I decided to pay it a visit and was literally amazed. It looks as great as in all the photos I’ve ever seen no matter the camera and the photographer!


The Fort of Ovech was built in IV century by the Byzantines. It is located on a ship-shaped plateau and is surrounded by rock wreaths from 11 to 25 meters high. It was famous because of its closeness to Varna and the Black Sea. Nowadays the Fort is regaining its popularity thanks to the great pictures feeding social media. If you visit Varna, do not miss out to pass by Provadia – located in 50 km western of Varna. It can be reached by train from Sofia or Varna and there are also hourly buses from and to Varna, but the easiest way remains the car as the Fort of Ovech is a little bit outside the city. The entire Fort is very well preserved and the scenery opening in front of you is overwhelming!


Get inspired and check it out!

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