Five movies with Will Smith that are worth watching on Netflix


In a period of physical distancing and spending more time at home, all of us, we have enough time to watch movies. I am sure that movies nights are exploding and you cannot be more thankful to have Netflix at home right now. I love Netflix and the whole idea of choosing what I want to watch when I want to watch it and to be able to stop and continue whenever I want to. At some point it became hard to find “the movie”, but, fortunately, there are new releases all the time. Thus, I selected five amazing movies with Will Smith, that are worth watching.

First on the list comes Seven Pounds

“I want to run and see the world” – says one of the main character, Emily Posa. “Seven Pounds” traces the story of Tim Thomas ( Will Smith) who decides to help seven strangers which lives are at stake. After inflicting on his own life, Tim donates his vital organs to his brother Ben first, then to Holly, Nicholas, George, Connie Tepos, Ezra and finally to Emily Posa with whom Tim falls in love. Seems like Emily Posa will be able to run and see the world as she always wanted…A great movie featuring Will Smith, I highly recommend watching it!

Furthermore comes the The Pursuit of Happyness

“You wanna something? – Go get it!”

“You got a dream? – You gotta protect it”

“People can’t do something themselves? – They are going to tell you can’t”

“The Pursuit of Happyness” is with no doubt a motivational movie about the power of perseverance. Chris Gardner (Will Smith) is a salesman. Sort of an unsuccessful salesman. But he does not give up. He does not stop visiting the hospital to sell the medical device he wants to sell them. Even when his wife leaves him alone, he continues to bring his young boy to hospitals trying to sell his stuff. He reaches the bottom in his life – penniless, homeless, single father and you name it. But he never gives up! And that what he teaches his young son Christopher to do – to pursue his dreams no matter what. My favourite scene of this movie with Will Smith, however, remains the moment when Chris Gardner starts an internship as a trader on the stock market and when he calculates how much time he gains not drinking water and not going to the restroom. All this time he uses to work hard and achieving his goals! Great movie, give it a try!

Third on the list and available on Netflix is Collateral Beauty“.

“We are here to connect”




I’am time. I’m a gift. Don’t waste me.

How about meeting in person Love, Time and Death? And how about experiencing them in reality? Howard (Will Smith), an outstanding advertiser from New York, has lost his young daughter and that why his marriage also fell apart. He is no longer interested in the business he’s built up with his friends and colleagues Whit, Claire and Simon. Howard seeks peace of mind in a strict daily routine away from social interactions. His business partners hire a professional investigator who finds out that Howard writes letters to Love, Time and Death. And unexpectedly, he receives an answer from Love, Time and Death in person. A movie showing that even in grief, we can still reconnect to each other and see the Collateral Beauty.


The fourth on the list of my Netflix Will Smith favourites comes “Focus”. The title says it all. You have to get focus and to be focused to live on the edge. A gang of professional thieves are preparing for their biggest and final hit. Watch the movie till the end, the best ones always win! I very much like “Focus” as the scenario is different from what I usually watch and it’s entertaining and keeping you watching till the end. Great movie!

At the end something fun with Hitch“.

How about not to know what to do on your first date when you are a professional matchmaker? Sounds absurd, right? Well, not really when it comes to Hitch (Will Smith). He guides his customers through every important step in mastering the art of dating and when he finally is supposed to date a girl, everything looks like going wrong. Life makes jokes with us sometimes. Hitch is fun and light and it’s the perfect movie to watch on Netflix on a Friday or Saturday night. Have fun with Hitch!

I hope you liked my selection of movies with Will Smith that are worth watching on Netflix and will tick them all during this quarantine time.

Thanks for reading!