Four movies that describe the best “Russian soul”

Four movies that describe the best Russian soul

Are you fascinated by Russia? I am definitely in love with Russia. Born in Western Siberia, in the city of Surgut, and raised by a Russian mother I am always in owe by this immense and diverse country. However, before talking about the country Russia as a destination, there is something intangible called “Russian soul”. This is something Russian people are born with and they cultivate their whole life. As half Russian, I am proud to announce that I have it myself too.

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Five movies with Will Smith that are worth watching on Netflix


In a time of physical distancing and staying at home, all of us, we have enough time to watch movies. I am sure that movies nights are exploding and you cannot be more thankful to have Netflix at home right now. I love Netflix and the whole idea of choosing what I want to watch, when I want to watch it and to be able to stop and continue whenever I want to. At some point it became hard to find “the movie”, but, fortunatelly there are new releases all the time. Thus, I selected five amazing movies with Will Smith, that are really worth watching.

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4 days itinerary in the city of Gaudi

I was so excited to visit Barcelona – the City of the genius Gaudi, so I prepared my 4-days itinerary meticulously. My boarding passes printed out, my Airbnb booked in the heart of the city, all my entrance tickets for all the sights I wanted to see prepared, I headed to the City of Gaudi –  Barcelona with a 4 days itinerary.

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