Squirrels in Hyde Park, afternoon tea and how to escape the rainy weather in London

London through my eyes

This is not my first time in London, but this time I saw it from a different perspective. A colleague of mine had the idea to spend a few days in London sort of ”cultural escape” meaning visiting musea, galleries, the Tower of London and enjoy English tea.

I am not going to write down a step-by-step guide on how to spend a few days in London as it’s impossible to spend a few days in London. You need at least a whole week to feel the atmosphere, walk down the streets and the parks and drink a lot of tea. I never thought I would come back to a place I’ve visited before, but London is definitely to be revisited for a longer period again, again and again!

So, London through my eyes. Here I come!

Changing guards

The first day we started with the Tower of London. We have decided to walk from the Parliament Square to the Tower of London, so we walked along the Temza River from where we could see the London Eye, the Shard, London Bridge and all the buildings along the river.

The Tower of London is massive and you really need time to walk through all the towers, buildings, corridors and to see the exhibitions. The White Tower is impressive externally and internally. Be prepared as a lot of people are hanging around there and beautiful pictures can be taken from outside only. But it’s worth the patience and the queue on a cold autumn day.

White Tower.JPG

In the afternoon we headed to the British Museum. While visiting such a place it’s always good to make your mind in advance to what to see as these musea are huge and have many floors, rooms and different exhibitions all the time. Having a map helps a lot and will guide you through the place. I decided to visit the Arctic, North America, and Mexico (Maya Civilization) regions. That was enough for me as it’s always good to keep something for the next time and have a reason to come back.

British museum.JPG

As the day was relatively warm and not rainy, we decided to embark on the London Eye. We did not plan it in advance as we were hesitating due to lack of time. I am glad we made it as it was really worth it! We had a ride during sunset hour and enjoyed the mind-blowing sky and the 360 panoramas in front of us. The London Eye is one of the symbols of the city and it’s impossible to avoid the crowd and the queues, but I won’t skip it as the view is unique!

For dinner, we had fish and chips and that’s how a glorious evening in London ends up!

London eye.JPG

Day two: well, day two was the highlight of my trip to London because we visited the Victoria and Albert Museum, had a walk in Hyde Park and saw all the squirrels that live there, we had an afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason, we did some shopping in the store and walked down the Oxford street and reached Picadilly circus on our way back home.

Hyde park in autumn.JPG

First stop: the Victoria and Albert Museum. I was stunned by the collection and the whole set up and the way how the rooms were arranged and decorated. I have to say that the museum is very well organized and easy to walk through and look around. We spent the entire morning there and I ended my tour by visiting the Islamic art section which will remain my favorite one.

Victoria and Albert museum.JPG

As we had a table reserved for 16.00 at Fortnum and Mason, we walked from Victoria and Albert through Hyde Park to arrive at the venue.

Hyde Park is awesome! I made pictures of all the squirrels I saw on my way. Well, none of them is publishable, but still, I tried to make a selfie of every single squirrel in Hyde Park. I was recommended to visit a park in London and was wondering why, but now I know. It’s such a nice experience full of squirrels!

Squirrels in Hyde Park.JPG

We were expected at 16.00 to be at Fortnum and Mason and we had our table waiting for us. It’s a famous place, booking in advance is absolutely required, it’s not cheap, but it’s worth it! The food, the service, the atmosphere are excellent! It’s so good to sit and relax with a nice cup of tea and delicious bites in London. Highly recommend that!

Fortnum and Mason.JPG

Day three: the last day of a trip is always the worst one as you have to go to the airport and it’s time to say goodbye.

The day was cold and rainy and we decided to visit the National Gallery.  The Gallery contains an impressive collection of paintings from all around the world. It’s not far away from Parliament Square and we visited the Westminster Abbey when the sun made its way through the day.


That was my London escape with typical weather, breakfast and a lot of tea! How about you? Have you been to London? Share your tips with me!

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