Paris, je t’aime – itinerary for one Parisian weekend

Parisian vibes

Paris is the city of love, to find love, to fall in love or just to be there with your beloved ones. I travelled to Paris many times and every time is like I am for the first time there. There are many books, movies, songs, paintings inspired by the sublime city of Paris. Making an itinerary for a Parisian weekend is easy nowadays as It’s the must-do destination for everyone once in a lifetime.

I will never forget my first trip to Paris. I was walking from the Eiffel Tower, to the Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame de Paris marvelling at every corner of my dream-come-true destination.

Here is my Paris je t’aime itinerary for one unforgettable Parisian weekend.

The Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile
The Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile

First sight to visit on the Parisian itinerary – Eiffel Tower

You can see it from everywhere. It’s the symbol and the guardian of the city. The ultimate thing to do there? Go in the middle of its location and just look at you. Isn’t it amazing? Doing the queue to go on top of it, on the other hand, it’s not worth for me. I would prefer to hang around and see everything on my way..But if you want to go to the top of it, just buy the ticket in advance to do the queue faster ):

Second sight on the Parisian weekend itineraty – Montmartre and the Basilica Sacre-Coeur

This place inspired artists from all around the globe and created a sort of cultural European hub. Walking around, having a coffee with a crepe Suzette in one of the numerous cafes-terraces, and ask one of the local artists to make a caricature of yourself is absolutely fun!!!! I did all of them and don’t regret it, especially the caricature which reminds me of my Parisian escape.

The Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile
Montmartre and the Basilica Sacre-Coeur

In addition, when at Montmartre, check the Salvador Dali museum. It’s hidden from the tourists and it’s a place to visit if you are into art.

Le Louvre – third sight on the Parisian itinerary

The Louvre has been on my list for a long long time and I finally visited it during my last trip. The museum is huge, so you’ll need a day to spend there. Apart from the Mona Lisa painting, you have an entire floor dedicated to Muslim art, especially Iranian, which is splendid. You’ll find artifacts from Ancient Egypt, Mauritania, and other civilizations.

Le Louvre, Paris
Le Louvre, Paris

Fourth sight on the Pairisian itinerary map – Notre Dame de Paris

The exquisite cathedral is as beautiful from outside as from inside. Hanging around, marvel at the beautiful architecture, feed the pigeons makes you feel like being a part of the outstanding Victor Hugo novel or entirely in the musical itself.

Paris, je t'aime - itinerary for one Parisian weekend - Notre Dame de Paris
Notre Dame de Paris

The last but not the least place on my Paris je t’aime itinerary place are all the bridges around the Seine River.

Don’t forget to check out Quartier Latin and all the sights over there: Centre Georges Pompidou, La Conciergerie, Le Jardin du Luxembourg, Le Palais Royal and others.

Paris, je t'aime
Paris, je t’aime

I will be glad if you share your favorite tips for Paris. For more inspiration, check the movie “Paris, je t’aime

Thanks for reading!