5 things to do in Zeeland when it’s cold and you end up there out of the season

Have you ever heard about Zeeland? Do you have an idea where it is on the map? It looks like Zeeland is a well-known region located between The Netherlands and Belgium where people go on vacation during the summer period ??? Even though it’s in the middle of nowhere and nobody knows about that, but it looks like the region has his beauty and charm and a lot to offer for one’s curious eyes and soul. Here is my Zeeland absolutely not miss out the grande selection of things to explore:

Visit Middleburg – the capital of Zeeland. It’s a small town with a typical Dutch atmosphere and architecture. Markt, Kerk and little cafes around..What else?


Drive under Westerscheldetunnel – a tunnel between Middleburg and Terneuzen. The longest tunnel in the Netherlands ….7 km…


Go for a walk on Scheldeboulevard in Terneuzen….Wind, sea, ships…Idyllic background for your winter walk…


Check Terneuzen City Hall. Why? Because the building looks like a cake! The specialty of the city…


Walk along the little streets in Terneuzen city center….A lot of Graffitis and gezellig cafes. Absolutely gorgeously unexpected!


So, are you packing already? Travel as much as you can, as far as you can!

Thanks for reading!