The answer to the question “How to achieve your goals”?

Hi there!!!! I am very into goals setting, goals achieving, goals writing and so on. It all started in 2014 when I moved to the Netherlands and had a lot of time to read, think, look for a new job and learn English….During this period I bought a notebook that I still keep and where I write recipes, tips for how to find a job, or just noted quotes of the books I was reading.

One of a sudden, I started writing down things I would like to do like, for example, a hot-air balloon riding, get a tattoo and see Cirque du Soleil performance. These were simple things to do and to accomplish. Thus, when you write them down, you are already on a halfway of accomplishing them.

All that happened by the end of 2014. At the beginning of 2015, I set up my “2015 New Year’s Resolutions” list which included more sophisticated things than the ones in 2014. Everything I put on writing, became a reality which impressed me. I continued to read and take more and more notes, kept writing everything that crossed my mind, and I ticked the goals I accomplished.

By the end of 2015, I had lunch with my colleagues and everybody was talking about the “2016 Resolutions”. Suddenly, one of my friends mentioned reading somewhere that instead of setting goals, one should try to make an annual review and give a score to the last year. All the not-accomplished things can be envisioned as accomplished by the end of the next year. The exercise sounded very appealing to me and I could not wait to come back home. Hence, write down everything I accomplished, did, achieved and everything I did not.

All the paperwork made the picture clear – what are the goals for the next year…. I wrote down three important things that I had to do by the end of 2016…But then I forgot about the list…..The year was following its course and by the end of the year, I opened by accident the notebook where I have put the ultimate three things to be done by the end of 2016 and voila – all of them were accomplished!!!! That was unbelievable!!!!

Therefore, I continued to dig into this vast subject about the goals and how to accomplish them…After studious research, I came up with my version of the successful recipe.

Think about the goals and things you want to accomplish and write them down

This is the most important part of the exercise. Writing them down gives you a significant edge and propels you to the halfway of accomplishing them.

When you write them down, try to be specific

The ultimate example given is “lose weight”, but this is not a specific goal. That’s why a lot of people fail at it. Instead, you can try this one: by the end of …..I want to lose 5 kilos and exercise 30 minutes three times a week. That’s something else. You know what is your departure point what you have to do and where you are going…

Set deadlines for your goals

I learned that the hard way….Setting deadlines is the key to success, otherwise, you will procrastinate and be lazy and you will never achieve your goals….When you are determined to do something within a period, you are on your way to do it and your brain is searching for ways how to stick to the deadlines.

Review your goals regularly – check up on the motivation the focus and the frustration levels

Motivation – when you review your goals regularly, you’ll be reminded of what do you want and not just write down some nice things to achieve and forget about them the minute after.

Focus – coming back to your goals will keep you focused and not distracted by the others and their ideas of what to achieve and what to fight for.

Frustration – very often, one decides to do something with a huge determination, but once he or she shares his or her idea with someone, he/ she becomes aware of the potential difficulties on one’s way.

At first sight, that can be confusing and even frustrating and one can think about giving up…So this is the reason why you should open your notebook and review your goals and stick to the plan. Everything that lasts has been built up the hard way, nothing is easy…don’t forget that. To become an expert, you should first follow the entire process from the beginning…This applies to goals as well.

Take action or just do something to accomplish your goals

Never sit arms crossed and wait for a miracle to happen. Everything you wish for is your responsibility and if you want to do something figure out how to make it happen.

Setting goals can be very contagious, motivating, a mind-blowing exercise that will boost you and make you feel heavenly…But…there is a big but….be careful, too many goals and too many big goals can be very depressing as well…because you will realize that one life is just not enough to do all these things..and you are absolutely right!!!! So, just as I already said…review your wishlist on a regular basis and give up on the goals that are not aligned with your inner peace….

Stay true to yourself!!!!

Only make things you believe in and that makes you happy!!!! Don’t be influenced by what other people have achieved and try to model them…The comparison game is not a healthy one and you will lose.

So you have all the tips for an exciting goal setting exercise. Don’t think too much, just write down and put everything on paper. And the last, but not the least thing…DO NOT QUESTION YOUR DREAMS AND GOALS. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

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