Boat trip in Giethoorn – enjoy the Dutch Venice for a day

As challenge 57 from the book ”203 challenges – Travel the World. Explore your Inner Self” says ”Go for a gondola ride in Venice or for a boat trip in little France – Strasburg, in Giethoorn – the Netherlands or in Saint Petersburg – Russia’‘, I decided to accept the challenge and took the road to Giethoorn – the Dutch Venice with no roads.

Giethoorn is a very small, fairy-tale village with no roads accessible for cars. If you go there by car, you will be asked to leave your car in a parking at the entrance of the village. It’s a picturesque piece of paradise with beautiful canals, houses, and boats. There are not so many things to do there, you can just embark on a boat trip over the canals and the lake of Giethoorn and admire the village with its houses and colorful gardens. You can also walk around the village and cross the canals if you prefer, but a boat trip is an absolute must-do as you will make a whole tour of the entire village. After having a peaceful ride over the Giethoorn canals, you can relax and continue admiring the surroundings from one of the terraces of the restaurants and the cafes in the village. The village of Giethoorn has become famous after the Dutch filmmaker Bert Haanstra made his famous comedy ”Fanfare” there in 1958. Shortly after that, the first tourists visited the area.

A little bit of practical information: Giethoorn is a very touristic place especially in the warm season. Giethoorn is easily reachable by car and there is a parking for free. If you prefer to go there by public transport, please visit for more information.

Giethoorn boat trip

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