Book review ”The subtle art of not giving a fuck” by Mark Manson

The subtle art of not giving a fuck Mark Manson - book review

My intention with the book review of ”The subtle art of not giving a fuck” by Mark Manson is to put black on white a concise review of what did I learn out from the book. Not to mention that I read it twice in one go, outlined sentences and excerpts I think can be useful. However, what did I learn from ”The subtle art of not giving a fuck” by Mark Manson and what lessons am I willing to apply in my everyday life? Continue to read my book review.

From my personal perspective, this book is the best self-help/ psychology book I’ve ever read. It uses simple words to describe simple truths that we all know, but have difficulties to accept and follow.

”The subtle art of not giving a fuck” by Mark Manson is one of the best-sellers right now and you can see the book everywhere. So why do I need to do a book review of it?

Lessons learned from ”The subtle art of not giving a fuck” by Mark Manson

We have to choose what to give a fuck for. Choose our priorities and not give a fuck about everything. Just the most important things for us (we have to define what is really important to us): family, values, love, honesty and so on. The list is long.

Select our beliefs: what are the most important things in life for us? Family, friends, honesty? What do you really believe in? Stop for a second and think about your own beliefs.

It’s all about how much pain we are ready to endure in order to achieve a goal: a bikini body comes at the price of going to the gym on a regular basis. A tremendous career comes at the price of endless working hours and no private life. Own business comes at the price of insecurities and financial instability and so on and so on. The lesson here is to decide for yourself what pain are you ready to endure and what price are you ready to pay to achieve what you are striving for?

In order to succeed, we have to commit ourselves to our endeavour. We have to choose what is our goal and entirely dedicate our time, energy and efforts to it instead of hesitating between different things.

Motivation – action/ action – motivation: do something principle. I have to say that the ”Do something principle” is quite helpful, especially for me. For example, if you are struggling to go to the gym, just try to go for 10 minutes every day and in two weeks add additional 10 minutes. If you say to yourself that you are going to run only 10 minutes, chances are you feel much more motivated than thinking how you are going to sweat there for hours…

We cannot be happy and seek pleasure all the time. Pain, sadness, depression, death exist on purpose – they make us grow. And the best lessons in life come from the worst experiences. Very often hard times announce the best periods in our lives. ”There is a rainbow always after the rain”.

Accept that you have a limited amount of time on earth and make the best of it!

Are you convinced after scrolling my book review that ”The subtle art of not giving a fuck” by Mark Manson is worth reading?

Thanks for reading!