How did the end of the year go? October to December detailed review…

End of 2017

This short review (cannot promise it will be short?!) is a continuation of ”Accomplish a goal every month?? C’est pas possible!” article and this is the perfect opportunity for me to share what have I done/visited/listened and read so far from October to December…

So, dear Orpheeway fan, you will be quite disappointed because not much has happened..And the reason why is that I re-started working full time. Now I hear you telling me. Hmm, you go to work?? You know, the entire planet goes to work every day…but people don’t give up on their dreams and goals and what they want to do with their lives…Personally, for me, this time of the year is the moment to slow down and to ”evaluate” the past year….This is quite a useful exercise as it shows you the big picture and if you stick to it or not. Anyway..The ultimate purpose of this article is to bullet the things I’ve done from October to December.

October: I re-started working…It was quite a challenge to re-start working after few months of bohemian life with a lot of traveling, enjoying Bulgarian sun and food. But I am glad I did it as it puts me in a routine life-frame. Of course, working full time and combining it with all the rest can be difficult sometimes..

In October for the first time in my life I was invited to a Halloween party (thanks to my dear friend Rita Balbo!!!) and it was really cool not because of all the decoration and various costumes, but because all the people who have been invited were from different countries/ nationalities which created a diverse group of getting-together people.

Finally, in October, I visited Scheveningen (the Netherlands) thanks to the unpredictable Dutch wheater that turned out into a summer in the middle of October.So the perfect moment to go to Scheveningen. For more inspiration, see the picture here: Scheveningen in October, the summer is back

I also visited Woerden (in 15 min. by train from the place I live???) in October. Travelling is not only about going to the other side of the world, it’s also about discovering your neighborhood and its hidden gems..Right? For more inspiration, see Unexpectedly beautiful Woerden.

When the wheater is getting cold, it’s time for more home activities like watching movies and reading books. In October I watched a bunch of very interesting documentaries of DW documentary. The best according to me is ”The people, history, and culture of Uzbekistan – Traveling the Silk Road”

November: I went to two concerts – Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares and Mariza. Both concerts were breathtaking. Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares took place at the Dom Tower in Utrecht and Mariza sang fado at Tivoli Vredenburg.

December: the last month of the year was quite busy and full of cultural events.

  1. Sinterklaas celebrated on 5th of December: in the Netherlands, this is a bigger celebration than Christmas and it’s the time for family and friends to reunite and exchange presents. So, this year, me and a couple of friends (French and Dutch) we decided to celebrate together the Dutch Sinterklaas. The most important is to prepare a present and a poem (including Sinterklaas as the main character) and to exchange them. It was super gezellig (nice in Dutch) and I really really enjoyed this special moment with my friends.
  2. Dickens festival in Deventer: that was the highlight of the winter season. I’ve been looking forward to it for sooo long. Finally, I made it and I am extremely happy. Visiting the Dickens Festival in Deventer, the Netherlands is one in a lifetime experience. Don’t miss it out. For more info, check it here: While everybody is rushing to German Christmas markets, visit Dickens Festival in Deventer, the Netherlands
  3. Lights Festival Amsterdam cruise: every year from the end of November to end of January the guests of Amsterdam can admire the Lights Festival. This year all the installations are shown in the water (Amsterdam canals) for a month and will be transported to the ground afterward. I decided to do a night boat trip to see what this year’s edition has to offer…Honestly..not much. The festival is quite disappointing this year. But anyway…Been there, done that…
  4. Rachmaninoff piano concerto in the Hermitage museum in Amsterdam: yes, there is a Hermitage museum in Amsterdam too. And yes, apart from all kind of fancy activities you can listen to Rachmaninoff in Amsterdam too.

The reality is that time just flies and sometimes we go with the flow and easily forget how/ with whom and on what kind of activities we spent our time…But there are periods of slowing down that prepare us for moving forward and speed up. I hope this quite end of the year prepares me for that…

And the last thing that I would love to share is what I got for Christmas as a present: a wallpaper (160 x 100) with the world map. Just amazing! Can’t wait to put it on my wall and start making traveling plans!

So, that’s has been my 2017, not an easy one for me. I learned a lot, lost my job/ re-found my old/new job, lost friends/ met people I haven’t seen for ages, started my own blog, visited Iceland/ Romania/ Plovdiv/ Veliko Tarnovo/Balchik/ Varna/ Sofia/ Ruse/ Zaanse Schans/ Gouda/ Werkendam/ Nice/ Monaco/ Paris/ Marseille/ Le Château d’If/ Le Louvre and many many other beautiful places.

I am grateful for all the blessings and lessons, for all the moments I could spend with my mother and family, for all the people I met and all the opportunities I had.

Merry Christmas to all of you and Marvellous New 2018!



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