Bulgarian Summer Refreshing Dishes

The best season to visit Bulgaria is with no doubts the summer – abundance of fruit and vegetables, endless beaches, bars, festivals, good vibes and the blue sky. Food is one of the must-try things I would recommend to anyone who visits Bulgaria to not miss out – Bulgarian food is seasonal, traditional, local and super delicious. Here is my selection of summerish refreshing dishes absolutely not to miss out to try in Bulgaria.

The first and the ultimate one is Tarator – a cold soup that Bulgarian people eat in the summer. You can order Tarator everywhere and is a soup made of yoghurt, fresh cucumbers, dill, walnuts, garlic and a little bit of sunflower oil and water. It’s easily done at home as well and according to my husband (who is a Tarator Master), the secret is to salt the cucumbers before adding the yoghurt diluted with water. Go Bulgarian and try Tarator.


The second place is for the most famous Bulgarian salad – Shopska salad. Although served throughout the year as it’s a Bulgarian signature starter, Shopska salad is a must-eat in the summer when the vegetables are fresh and out of season. Served with grilled red pepper and Bulgarian white cheese, Shopska salad is the best accompaniment for a glass of Rakia.

Shopska salad

The third for me is for fried courgettes with yoghurt sauce. Bulgarian people eat lots of courgettes in summer as that’s the season to eat courgettes. But The speciality to try with courgettes is fried courgettes with yoghurt sauce. In some restaurants you will be able to order courgettes’ chips with garlic sauce, which is also a variation of the dish.

Fried courgettes

The fourth place for me is for boiled corn – yes, Bulgarians eat boiled corn in the summer. For me, it’s not a snack, it’s the perfect dinner with a salad or a tarator. What you need is young corn, boil it for a while and salt it abundantly. Voila!

Boiled corn

The fifth place is for a regional dish originating in Northern Bulgaria and called pepper dish – it’s a complicated vegetable stew made of fried red pepper, aubergines, tomatoes, sour cream, milk and eggs. This dish requires a lot of products, energy and patience, but it’s so gusto!!!! Unfortunately, the only way to try it is to be invited to a homemade Bulgarian reunion, it’s not served either even offered in the restaurants. Personally, I just love it and prepare it very often in the summer.

Pepper stew

Did I wake up the gourmet traveller in you with this delicious selection? When do you head to Bulgaria?

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