Let’s talk about Dutch food

1. Say cheese
Dutch cheese is an absolute must-try when you visit the country of the tulips, especially on the city food markets. There is a massive variety of young and old cheese; cheese with spices, lavender, weed and so on and so on. And wherever you go, you will be able to try for free the cheese of your choice before proceeding on the purchase. Cheese is also one of the best souvenirs you can bring back home from your trip! Give it a try!


2. Seafood /Raw herring/Kibbeling

The North Sea is just around the corner and fresh fish can be found everywhere. A special Dutch finger food fish is ”kibbeling” a deep fried white fish. If you are looking for an alternative snack before lunch or dinner, just try it.

Fish and seafood restaurants are everywhere and generally speaking they are good. If you want to have a special dinner in the Netherlands or just have a good time with your friends over a nice meal, choose a seafood restaurant!


3. Stroopwafels

This is THE Dutch dessert that every visitor and everybody visiting Holland tries at least once. Freshly made ones on the markets are just mouth-melting and absolutely gorgeous. You can find them in every supermarket, in different packages, and it’s absolutely mandatory to bring some stroopwafels home to treat your family and friends.


4. Bitterballen

Dutch bites as locals call them. Served in every restaurant, bistro, and cafe, this is the typical Dutch bites you can order as a starter before the main dish or as bites for a drink. A little bit greasy usually served very hot, not very healthy, but delicious! A good beginning of a Dutch adventure!


5. Stamppot

This is a traditional Dutch dish served for Christmas family lunch or dinner. This dish is very easy to prepare and it’s usually homemade. For Dutch people, this is a favorite dish made by their ”omas” (grandmas in Dutch) during Christmas time. The easiest way to try a stamppot is to have a dinner with the locals. So make Dutch friends and try stamppot.

Potatoes (3).JPG

6. Sandwiches

Dutch people usually do not eat a warm lunch, they eat sandwiches for lunch and have a warm dinner. At the lunch break at work or at school, they are used to have a sandwich for lunch. So, if you want to have a Dutch lunch, order a sandwich with a salad as a side dish.


7. Sprinkles

For me, this is the weirdest thing ever, but for dessert after lunch, my Dutch colleague usually have a slice of bread sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles ”hagelslag”. You will see them everywhere in different colors and shapes. Eet smakelijk (Enjoy your meal in Dutch)!


8. French Fries

French fries are international bestsellers in every city in the world, but Dutch people just adore them! The Dutch way to serve French fries is with onions, mayo, ketchup, or mustard. If you pass by the Netherlands, check out the best French fries in the Dapp Frietwinkel.


9. Beer

The best beer is the Belgian beer of course, but the second place belongs to the Dutch beer. A myriad of brands, tastes, breweries (not only Heineken), but many many many different beers can be tasted and bought in the Netherlands. If you manage to find a local brewery that produces its own beer, give it a try!


10. Pancakes

Pancakes can be also qualified as international as they are a favorite dish in many countries like the USA, France, Russia, and the Netherlands. Special ”pannenkoeken” places can be found everywhere in the Netherlands and you can try sweet or salty variations depending on your taste.


So, dear food lovers, are you packing for the Netherlands?

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