Ideas for souvenirs to bring from your next trip

Great ideas for souvenirs for the eyes and the soul!

Do you bring souvenirs from your travels or you make pictures and prefer to capture the moments in your mind? Magnets were very popular at some point, but the problem is that they are almost ”useless”….That’s why if I find something nice and original while I travel, I buy it to remind me my trip. Here is my selection of ideas what you can buy and bring with you from my favorite destinations.

Caricature of me made at Montmartre in Paris: a spontaneous decision but the entire process was so much fun and the result unexpected! It reminds me my trip to Paris every time I see it at home. Other ideas: French macarons: Ladurée has a great selection of tastes and colors. Yummy!


Linen shirt with traditional Belarusian embroideries from Minsk, Belarus: that was love at first sight! Belarus is very popular with its linen products and I am so happy to have it! Belarus is a great shopping destination – you will find many local brands of quality and at an affordable price.


Babouches: this beautiful pair of babouches are from Dubai: very nice and practical! Great memories of me negotiating the price at Madina Jumeirah Souk!


Lava salt from Iceland: I wanted to a buy a lopapeysaIcelandic wool sweater, but first, a good one is quite expensive and second, the winter in the Netherlands is not so cold to wear it. So why I bought Lava Salt from the local supermarket! Great seasoning for salads and dishes.


Leather garments from Tuscany: I bought this beautiful bag and a pair of handmade sandals from Florence. I also get a notebook with leather covers and use it to write things down every day. A bottle of Chianti can do the job as well!


Earrings with tulips: I live in the Netherlands, but was looking for these earrings for ages! Finally, I saw these ones in a shop in the Hague! Great accessories! All products from Royal Delft are very nice and will definitely remind you of Holland! Even thought stroopwafels remain top export product from the Netherlands to Bulgaria. People are looking at me with surprise when I buy 20 boxes of waffles at the supermarket ):


Hot chocolate from Hamburg: I could not find anything else to bring from my trip from Hamburg and thought, ”a cup of a hot chocolate is always a good idea”!

IMG_E3051If you travel to Bulgaria, don’t miss out to buy rose products like rose oil, rose face water, rose soap, rose lokum and rose liquor! Bulgaria is famous worldwide for its rose products and beautiful rose valley. You can also choose traditional Bulgarian pottery to make delicious dishes or ”chushkopek” – top one product exported to France by one of my friends.


Savon de Marseille from Marseille, France: a must-have souvenir from Marseille. I bought the traditional one with olive oil and one with propolis. Since then I don’t use any other beauty product for my face!


Recipe from Thailand: when I was in Thailand I took part in a Thai cooking class and brought a Pad Thai recipe from there.


And you what do you bring from your trips? Share with me in the comments below.

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