5 souvenirs to bring from your first trip to Bulgaria

I never check what to visit in a place I am about to travel, but I always know what I am going to bring as a souvenir from there. Magnets, postcards, and other little souvenirs are dust-collectors for me, that why I always check out typical local products like shirts or T-shirts with traditional embroidery, for example, skin products or cookbooks. I bought a shirt with typical Belarusian embroidery when I visited Minsk and babouches from Dubai – things that I can use in my daily life.

I am sure that a lot of people are wondering what to buy from Bulgaria. The most famous presents and souvenirs sold in Bulgaria are rose products – skin care products like rose oil, rose water, rose soaps, rose lokum and rose alcoholic drinks. Apart from the rose products, I made a list of some nice suggestions about what to buy as a souvenir from Bulgaria while traveling to the Land of Roses!

Rose Festival Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Wherever I go, I always buy a T-shirt for my husband and I think that a T-shirt with local symbols or embroidery is a very nice present for men and women. There are many Bulgarian designers who make high-quality T-shirts with Bulgarian embroideries. Nosia is a local brand that produces beautiful T-shirts with nice modern Bulgarian embroidery. If you love accessories like me, check out Kitna handmade jewelry.

Earrings with Bulgarian embroidery

If you are a wine-lover, I would recommend you to buy a bottle of local wine. There are many wineries that produce delicious wine and offer wine-tasting sessions with the possibility to buy a few bottles. If you visit the South-Cost, check out Messembria Winery in Nessebar – you won’t regret it!

Wine tasting – Messembria winery, Nessebar

You cannot leave the country without buying a bunch of rose or lavender products – organic rose or lavender oils are sold everywhere; lavender or rose water, soaps, rose lokum, rose liquor and all variations of rose delicacies.

Rose and lavender products

If you are into cooking, buy yourself a Guvech, Guvecheta or a Chushkopek. Guvech and Guvecheta are ceramic pots that you can use to cook meat and vegetables in the oven. Chushkopek is a Bulgarian invention used to bake red pepper. I do have a French friend who bought Chushkopeks to all her friends, so it might be that you won’t be able to find a single Chushkopek in the stores because she simply bought them all.

Guvech – ceramic cooking pot

And the last, but not the least, I would like to present you an amazing book that is worth taking with you not only in Bulgaria, but wherever you go – ”203 travel challenges”. You can buy the book in English or Bulgarian language and is an great present for every crazy traveler!

203 travel challenges – the perfect travel guide

That was my list of souvenirs to bring from your first-time trip to Bulgaria! Can’t wait to travel more in my homeland and to collect more ideas about what a tourist can buy and bring as a souvenir from Bulgaria!!!

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