What to offer as a present to a friend who loves travelling?

What to offer as a present to a friend who loves travelling is a question that resonates over and over again when it comes to my friends’ birthdays. People who collect moments and not things are difficult to be surprised especially when you want to offer them a practical travel present. As a result, inspired by all the presents for travellers I’ve already got, I decided to make a post about what to offer as a present to a traveller. I called my selection “The world is mine”. Keep reading to know why?

The world is mine..

My selection of presents for travellers contains ideas that somehow feature the “world” in a glimpse.

The perfect world globe necklace for a girl who travels.

The first present that you could think about for a girl who travels is this minimalistic world globe necklace. It’s silver and everybody who sees mine wants to have one. So, surprise your girl with a world globe necklace on a special occasion: World Map Necklace

World Map Necklace
World Map Necklace

Next comes on the list: a scratch map

A scratch map is a perfect gift for a traveller. I got one as a present. This one is the second map I’ve got. The first one was a wallpaper that I put on the wall in our house in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, as it was glued on the wall, I could not take it with me. But no worries, I’ve got a scratch map. On the other hand, if you want to be more creative, but still offer a scratch map to a traveller, I can give you an idea. I friend of mine who hosted a lot of international friends at his place, got a colouring world map. When somebody was visiting him, he asked the visitor to colour the country where she/ he was coming from. Cool ah?

So, if you are still wondering what to offer to a traveller? – a scratch map is a win-win decision…

Scratch map
Scratch map

For all the travellers and book lovers: Lonely Planet is always a good idea!

Lonely Planet’s guides are just the perfect present for a traveller who loves books! I buy only Lonely Planet’s guides and they never disappoint. If your friends – travellers have a long Bucket list with countries to visit, offer them this ultimate The World Lonely Planet guide. Thus, I offered You Only Live Once to a friend of mine who is a great traveller and explorer and she was amazed! I highly recommend you to check out Lonely Planet’s collection if you don’t know what to offer as a present to a friend who loves travelling.

The World Lonely Planet guide
The World Lonely Planet guide

For all the travellers who love statements’ T-shirts.

If you are looking for a statement T-shirt present for a friend who loves travelling, don’t miss out to check “Travel to love” T-shirts of Bloom stars brand. They have unique statements’ T-shirts “Just Love”, “Feel. Spread. Give”, “Enter for Love”, “Love to Travel”, “Optimist”, Home”, Together” and others. Bloom stars T-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton and come in an outstanding personalized box! Just Love it and Love to Travel with it!

"Travel to love" T-shirt Bloom stars brand
“Travel to love” T-shirt Bloom stars brand

Are you still wondering what to offer as a present to a friend who loves travelling?

Thanks for reading!