Blue summer – how to spend an amazing summer in Varna

Summer in Varna is in marine colours – blue sky, blue water, jazz and blues, endless hours on the beach and promenade with a boat.

This year I decided to live the summer at the fullest. Here are some tips on how to have a great time in Varna in the summer.

Drink mint alcoholic drink on the beach. Summer in Varna is with a mint taste – having an alcoholic mint drink with a soda or Sprite in Cubo or Menthol is an absolute must-do for a perfect summer in Varna. Summer without a mint drink is just not summer.

Fresh mint summer drink

Eat mussels dishes in Dalboka. Dalboka is an emblematic place for mussels specialities near Kavarna and everybody spending the summer near Varna goes there at least once for lunch or dinner. There is s bio mussels farm and all mussels dishes are just super delicious.


Reading books on the beach all day long. Summer is a synonym of beach time with books. Here is my selection of books that will fuel you with wanderlust while you are hanging out on the beach.

Rappongi beach Varna

Everyone who’s been in Varna knows that the biggest cultural event of the summer is Varna Summer Festival with a great program of concerts, operas, theatres events happening in the Summer Theatre of Varna. This is a great venue for cultural events under the sky and the starts. Don’t leave Varna without threatening you a ticket for a concert or an opera. Varna Jazz Festival is also a great event that usually takes place in the Archaeological Museum of Varna.

Summer theatre Varna

And the last, but maybe the best experience you could have in Varna is to go on a boat trip. Many boats are awaiting at the Passengers’ Port to welcome guests on their board. It’s an experience you can have in a lot of places, but it’s always liberating to feel the freedom of the sea, the sky and the wind.

Boat trip Varna

Enjoy the summer in Varna!

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