Books that will fuel you with wanderlust

I love reading. While I am travelling I always take a book with me. Very often I read books about people and places that just fuel me with wanderlust. I would like to share with you my last list of books that will definitely make you look for a purpose while you head to your next destination.

The first one is ”The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho This is his most famous book and for a reason!!! I read it several times and it always amazes me. It’s a young man’s journey through the desert to Egypt in search of treasure and the only treasure he finds is love. For me, the lesson learned from this book is that we always have to trust the journey in order to arrive at the right destination. Great book with a great message.

The next one is “Three apples fell from the sky” by the Armenian writer Narine Abgarjan. This book enchanted me and transported me to Armenia and its welcoming, always assertive and wholehearted people. The book tells the story of an Armenian woman who faces a difficult life but finds happiness thanks to her helpful community. This book inspired me to learn more about Armenia and to visit this beautiful country one day.

”Legend of Jewish Krakow” brings you in Kazimierz – the Jewish Quarter in Krakow. Through the legends of Jewish people, you’ll visit all the beautiful streets of Kazimierz and have a look in the synagogues around. The Jewish quarter is a vibrant place nowadays and once you read the book, your visit to Kazimierz will get another purpose – to learn more about the lifestyle of Jewish people – their culture, food and music. If you are wondering what to bring with you as a souvenir from Krakow – buy a book, it’s always a good idea!

The next book will give you an idea to dream about. ”Around the world in Eighty Days” (”Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours” in French) is an adventurous novel by the French writer Jules Verne. Phileas Fogg a gentleman from London and his valet Passpartout set on an 80-days travel-the-world trip after a 20,000 wager set up by some Reform Club fellows. After overcoming all kind of challenges and difficulties on their way, they made it and arrived back to England just on time!!! They travelled the world by all means of transport, came back on time and won the wage. In the end, the biggest reward for Phileas Fogg was the love of Mrs Aouda who he saved and brought with him in his homeland. One of the greatest classics of all times.

The last book on my list is a Bulgarian book (I don’t think it’s translated into English) “Grandma, tell me a story” by Ivinela Samuilova. A young woman works on a project related to Bulgarian folklore and spends some time with Grandmother Zhiva in Mahala Nebesna – a village in the Balkan (as old people call Stara Mountain). In this remote place, the young woman meets a group of amazing aged people who show her and teach her the art of living. This book reminded me about the beauty of remote areas where time has stopped and you can feel life at the fullest. If you want to set up on another type of travelling, visit Bulgarian villages, you’ll leave once in a lifetime experiences there!!!

Hope you are fueled with curiosity and ready for your next adventure!!!

Thanks for reading!


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