10 essential eating and drinking experiences in Krakow, Poland

I love trying local food and all kind of different dishes and drinks I never tried before. I’ve been eating outside almost every evening during my stay in Krakow and tried a number of dishes and local drinks. Here is my selection of 10 essential eating and drinking experiences in Krakow, Poland.

First absolutely must-try eating experience is Placki Ziemniaczane

The first dish on my list of 10 essential eating and drinking experiences in Krakow is Placki Ziemniaczane. It’s a fried potato pancake served with sour cream or with goulash. Although it’s highly caloric, it’s so delicious that you immediately forget all healthy dietary recommendations. Moreover, there are different variations – I also tried Placki Ziemniaczane with smoked salmon and red caviar, so the choice is yours..

Placki Ziemniaczane

My favourite Polish dish, however, remains Pierogi

The second speciality (my favourite one actually) is Pierogi. I tried Pierogi with all sorts of feeling – duck and apples, vegetables, cheese and spinach, sweet Pierogi and many others. Besides, Pierogi bars can be found everywhere, so just find the place you like and order Pierogi.


Another delicious essential eating experience are Grilled Oscypek

The third one on my menu is Grilled Oscypek. Oscypek is a smoked cheese made from salted sheep milk. Also, it’s pressed into wooden forms which give it its decorative shape. Additionally, It has a smoky and salty flavour and is protected under EU law. A must-try snack if you visit a traditional Polish market.


The best for all the meat lovers is to try Golonka

Furthermore, to all meat lovers, I would advise trying Golonka. A true Polish delicacy. Above all, this roasted pork meat should slip right off the bone and preferably be washed down with beer.


Let’s switch to drinking experiences – Czarny Protest is a must-try

Talking about beer, I am not a beer fan, but, in Krakow, I drank chocolate beer. It was a Raspberry Chocolate Oatmeal flavour beer and Czarny Protest is a must-try.

Chocolate beer Czarny Protest

Eating experiences in Krakow are for everyone

Similarly, I selected two dishes for all vegetarian and vegan fellows: the first one is Sweet potato frytki that I tried in Veganic restaurant. These are sweet potato fries served with a very delicious sauce. The second one is the Vegetarian balls made of quinoa and served with bechamel sauce. This heavenly delicious meal can be tried in Hevre bistro located in the Kazimierz quarter.

Vegetarian balls with bechamel sauce

Forget about gelato and enjoy Polish ice cream

Not to mention that after the main course it’s time for a dessert. Don’t leave Poland without trying Polish ice cream – this is the best ice cream I’ve ever tried. Good Lood shops are everywhere and a huge queue is waiting for ice cream. And for a reason. Their signature caramel with Himalayan salt ice cream is just perfect. With this in mind, if you prefer fruit sorbet, Malinowe sorbet does not disappoint either.

Polish ice cream

Polish dessert are an essential eating experience while in Krakow

By the same token, Sernik is a typical Polish cheesecake. Served with iced sugar, cream or fruit, it’s the perfect end to a three-course Polish meal.


Polish wodka is an absolute must-try

To conclude, the most famous drink in Poland is Zubrowka. Traditional Polish wodka is a great souvenir to bring back home to treat your family and friends. Don’t miss out to go out to a Wodka bar for a great experience.

Polish wodka

It’s time to plan my next eating adventure….How about you? Do you also travel through food?

Thanks for reading!