Wanna explore the world differently? – these five movies will boost you up

Travel is not only about the places you visit and souvenirs you bring back home. It’s also a pursuit of a bigger purpose and meaning. Very often, one travels to seek an answer to an important question, to find ”The truth” or to re-gain ”the appetite for life” as Elizabeth Gilbert says in her best-selling novel ”Eat, pry, love”. I selected 5 great movies that will make you wanna explore the world differently and boost you up.

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Movies about the Great Masters of la Haute Couture

The true cost

It’s autumn, the wheater is getting colder and colder and it’s time for movie nights. Today, I would like to offer you a selection of movies about the Great Masters of the Haute Couture. I am not so much into fashion, but the creative world behind the podiums has always impressed me. For me, fashion is more than clothes – it’s about art, history, colourful vision, hard work, precision and great dedication.

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